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11 апреля 1998 года.
Mironov unleashing full range of talent

Free Press Sports Writer

The Dmitri Mironov who was sixth-highest-scoring defenseman in the league last season is now playing for the Red Wings.

The seven-year veteran, who finished last season with just five fewer points than Wings star Nick Lidstrom, 57-52, is playing the kind of hockey that has made him an upper-echelon NHL player.

It took Mironov a few games to adjust to the Wings' defensive system, and any player joining the Stanley Cup champs would be hesitant to immediately thrust himself into a large offensive role. But that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.

"I find my game and feel more comfortable with the team," Mironov said. "And I play in a number of situations, power play, penalty kill. So it's good for me, I feel more comfortable."

Mironov scored his first power-play goal with the Wings in Thursday's 5-1 victory over Phoenix. He is looking for his shot more and seems more confident now than anytime since the Wings acquired him from Anaheim at the trade deadline about two weeks ago. Mironov has two goals and four assists in his past three games. He has scored in four of the past five games and has seven points in that span.

And his defense hasn't suffered, either. Mironov is a plus-4 in the past three games.

"He knows how to play the game, and he knows how to play with skill players," associate coach Dave Lewis said. "That's not a surprise. He played with very skilled players in Anaheim, and he played with skill guys in Toronto, guys like Dougie Gilmour.

"I think falling into our system, it's taken him a little while to get used to that, but as of late, he's played very strong defensively and offensively."

Mironov's teammates are urging him to unleash his powerful shot.

"Oh, he has a great shot," Lewis said. "I think Stevie (Yzerman) might have even said something to him, when the shot is there, take it, because with our guys, I don't think there's such a thing as a selfish shot. If it doesn't go in, go for the rebound."

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