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Сергей Мыльников

Позиция - вратарь
Дата рождения - 6 октября 1958 года
Место рождения - г.Челябинск, Россия
Рост - 177 см
Вес - 80 кг
Драфт - выбран 127-м в 1989 году командой "Квебек Нордикс"

В 1978-1980 и 1982-1989 сезонах играл за "Трактор" (Челябинск). В 1980-1982 сезонах за СКА (Ленинград). 

Чемпион Мира 1986, 1989 и 1990 годов. Олимпийский чемпион 1988 года. Чемпион мира среди молодёжи 1977 и 1978 годов. В 1988 году был включен в символическую первый состав лучших хоккеистов чемпионата СССР.

Первый российский вратарь в НХЛ, одержавший также, пусть единственную для себя, но всё же первую победу для российских вратарей.

В 1991 году вернулся на родину, где в в течении следующих двух сезонов защищал ворота ярославского "Локомотива". Закончил карьеру в 1994-95 гг во втором дивизионе чемпионата Швейцарии. 

Регулярные сезоны
Сезон Воз Команда И В П Н ПО ГП БВ БО Г/И С Ш МИН Г П И В П ГП БВ БО Г/И С Ш МИН Г П
1989-90 31 Квебек 10 1 7 2 - 47 330 283 85.8 4.96 0 0 568 0 0 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ВСЕГО 10 1 7 2 - 47 330 283 85.8 4.96 0 0 568 0 0 - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1 31-020 1989-10-26 QUE @ BOS L 4 35 31 .886 0 0 58:57 0
2 31-033 1989-11-08 QUE @ NJD L 5 35 30 .857 0 0 59:31 1
3 31-060 1989-12-05 QUE BOS T 3 34 31 .912 0 0 65:00 0
4 31-064 1989-12-09 QUE PHI T 6 34 28 .824 0 0 64:55 0
5 31-068 1989-12-13 QUE @ EDM L 5 38 33 .868 0 0 60:00 0
6 31-154 1990-03-09 QUE @ WSH L 4 32 28 .875 0 0 59:35 0
7 31-158 1990-03-13 QUE EDM L 4 31 27 .871 0 0 60:00 0
8 31-162 1990-03-17 QUE PHI W 3 31 28 .903 0 0 60:00 0
9 31-163 1990-03-18 QUE @ MTL L 6 15 9 .600 0 0 20:00 0
10 31-167 1990-03-22 QUE @ BOS L 7 44 37 .841 0 0 60:00 0


16 августа 2013 года. Сергей Мыльников: "Из Калгари Винокур летел во вратарской маске" // "Спорт-Экспресс"

►  1989. Мыльников пропускает шесть шайб в матче против "Флайерс".

16 декабря 1989 года. 
Nordiques bickering with Soviet goaltender // The Vancouver Sun. 

The Cold War may be over in political circles but it still has some embers burning in Quebec City, where the Nordiques and Soviet goaltender Sergei Mylnikov have been sniping at each other all season.

It was a marriage that went sour from the start. Mylnikov reported out of shape and with a bad attitude. Even worse, he failed to fill the Nords' need for a veteran goaltender, forcing general manager Martin Madden to acquire Greg Millen earlier this week.

"Mylnikov is a very stubborn individual and he thinks he knows all the answers," said Madden Friday night as he viewed the Canucks-Jets 3-3 tie at Pacific Coliseum. "The Soviets were outstanding players in their country but I don't think they knew what to expect in the National Hockey League.

"Maybe they thought their world and Olympic medals were all they needed."

The 31-year-old Mylnikov has five decisions for the Nords this season, three losses and two ties. He recently went public and claimed he was being humiliated in Quebec City. He refused a demotion to the minors. Clearly, his days as a Nordique are numbered.

"One thing we have ruled out is sending him home in the middle of the season," said Madden. "He will be here the rest of the year and then we'll see."

If the Nords do the expected and buy Mylnikov out, it will cost them $200,000 - two-thirds of his reported $300,000 salary for the one year remaining on his contract.

"What we have learned from this," said Madden, "is that they should come in pairs and come early in the summer. And they must speak the language. It's been tough on Mylnikov being all alone."

Another of Madden's myriad problems is the refusal of Millen to join the Nords. The 12-year-veteran was acquired Wednesday in a three-player deal with St. Louis.

"Greg Millen has to face facts that he belongs to the Quebec Nordiques," said Madden. "I've told his agent that we are expecting him here Saturday and if he doesn't report he will be suspended. I think he will be here soon unless he is very rich."

When Millen arrives, Ron Tugnutt will likely become the No. 2 man with Mario Brunetta returning to the farm in Halifax. Mylnikov, like comrades Starikov, Priakin and perhaps Krutov, will be paid to sit.

5 декабря 1989 года. 
'Humiliated' Mylnikov starts in net for Nords // Toronto Star. 

QUEBEC (CP) - Sergei Mylnikov, who refused a demotion to the Quebec Nordiques' farm team in Halifax, will start for only the third time this season tonight at home against the Boston Bruins.

Mylnikov, 30, told reporters on Sunday he felt "humiliated" by his treatment since joining Quebec from the Soviet Union this season. He had played only two games, earning a 4.58 goals against average, and has been openly criticized by coach Michel Bergeron.

"I don't understand why Sergei said these things (Sunday) because I had just informed him he would be starting against the Bruins," said Bergeron, whose team, 6-20-2, is last over-all in the NHL.

"I thought he'd be happy to get the good news rather than saying he was humiliated by the way the Nordiques have treated him. I'm also humiliated to see the team pile up defeat after defeat, but I do everything I can to help the team get out of it."

Mylnikov was criticized when he showed up for training camp overweight. Nordiques management has since complained about his poor conditioning and apparently indifferent attitude.

He was asked to report to the Halifax Citadels of the American Hockey League last week and refused.

"My record stands on its own," said Mylnikov, the former Soviet national team goaltender. "I don't have to prove anything to anyone."

Mylnikov also got support on the weekend from former Soviet goaltending great Vladislav Tretiak, in Canada with a Soviet touring team as a goodwill ambassador.

Tretiak said in Granby, Que., on Friday that Mylnikov was "one of the most stable goaltenders" in the Soviet league. "You could always count on him because he made very few mistakes. I don't understand why they aren't playing him."

Bergeron said Mylnikov felt management had lost confidence in him.

"But everything has been done to make life easier for him here," Bergeron said. "Respect and confidence are things every athlete deserves.

"We felt sending him to Halifax, judging by his play in practice, was the only way to determine if he was fit to play."

12 октября 1989 года. 
Miffed Nordiques Let Mylnikov Sit // The Washington Post 

Soviet goaltender Sergei Mylnikov is not losing the extra weight he carried into the Quebec Nordiques training camp and Coach Michel Bergeron is losing patience.

"Sergei must like the food in Quebec," Bergeron said after Mylnikov came in overweight in yet another weigh-in Tuesday at the Colisee. "He's still a few pounds overweight."

Mylnikov's weight problem and slow adaptation to the language and the team have left Bergeron exasperated.

"I don't even know if he knows my name," Bergeron said. "I have a couple of things to say to him-and I don't mean Merry Christmas."

Bergeron said the goalie, who cost the Nordiques $300,000, will not start before the end of October.

The Nordiques acquired Mylnikov in the offseason, but the former goalie for the Soviet national team was outplayed by second-year Ron Tugnutt and rookie Stephane Fiset.

Mylnikov, 31, is listed at 5 feet 10 and 176 pounds. He was put on a strict diet when he returned to Quebec with his wife and children from Moscow.

"I don't want to exaggerate the situation," Bergeron said. "Maybe the extra weight is not a problem for him. I don't know what he weighed when he played with the Soviet national team. {But} for the moment, there's no use playing him. We've been patient with Sergei. We understand that it's a big change for him and his family. But he has to hold up his end of the deal."

19 августа 1989 года. 
Nordiques sign Mylnikov // The Ottawa Citizen. 

QUEBEC _ The Quebec Nordiques, who have already acquired a flamboyant coach and a legendary right-winger in their bid to improve the franchise, took another step to what they believe will be NHL respectability Friday by signing top Soviet goaltender Sergei Mylnikov.

Mylnikov, who has played 62 times for the Soviet national team, will be the first Soviet goaltender to appear in the NHL, although a handful of his compatriots will also play in the league this season.

''Mylnikov's arrival fills an important position in our team,'' Quebec general manager Martin Madden said in a telephone call from Moscow, where he and team president Marcel Aubut sealed the deal.

A news conference was held in a room at the Colisee, where the Nordiques play, with a giant Soviet flag and several pictures of Mylnikov in action plastered on the walls.

Mylnikov's presence will give an extra boost to the hopes of Nordiques fans, who were thrilled when the franchise re-signed popular coach Michel Bergeron in April and landed right-winger Guy Lafleur in July.

The Nordiques have missed the playoffs the last two years and Mylnikov will be expected to improve a porous defence that ranked among the league's worst last season.

Mylnikov, 30, has signed a one-year contract, with a one-year option.

Financial details were not released, but Madden said Mylnikov will receive one-half of the salary, with the remainder going to Soviet sports authorities.

Madden said he hopes Mylnikov, who is expected to land in Quebec on Sept. 2, will play in at least 40 of the team's 80 regular-season games.

The other Nordiques goaltenders are Ron Tugnutt, Mario Brunetta and Stephane Fiset.

In his 13 seasons in Soviet hockey _ 11 with Traktor Chelyabinsk _ Mylnikov had a 3.41 goals-against average.

His average in his 62 national appearances is 1.87.

Other Soviet players who will play in the NHL next season include Sergei Makarov, with the Calgary Flames, Igor Larionov, with the Vancouver Canucks and Viacheslav Fetisov, with the New Jersey Devils.

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