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22 февраля 2001 года.
Alexeev a skating sensation // The Tampa Tribune 


At 6-foot-5, 220 pounds, Nikita Alexeev still is growing - on Erie coach Dave MacQueen. 

The Lightning's first-round pick in June's NHL Entry Draft is flourishing in his third year with the junior Otters, who boast the best record in the Ontario Hockey League at 37-10-9. MacQueen has watched in admiration as Alexeev evolved from an erratic forward into a dominant 19-year-old performer on a team with Memorial Cup aspirations. 

Alexeev, the eighth player selected in the draft, has 26 goals and 39 assists in 52 games this season and only six OHL players top his plus-30 mark. After improving from 35 points to 53 with Erie last year, Alexeev has broken through into the elite class with a scary combination of size and speed. 

When he attends his second Lightning training camp in September, he's coming to win a job. 

``Nikita's the best skater in our league, and if you can skate with the big boys, you have a chance to play at the NHL level,'' said MacQueen, a former Tampa Bay assistant coach under Terry Crisp. ``He's very strong on his skates, he protects the puck real well and he knows how to work down low. This kid is gifted and he understands the game at a young age. For most of this season, 
he's been our most consistent player.'' 

Alexeev, who shoots left- handed, usually skates down right wing on Erie's top line centered by gifted playmaker Brad Boyes, a first-round pick for Toronto. His finishing skills dramatically have improved and there never has been much of a question about his physical tools. 

``When I first came here, I didn't skate as fast,'' Alexeev said. ``My first year was kind of shocking because of the pace. My second year was better. Now I've gained weight and started to understand the game. This year, we have a really good team. I enjoy life and I'm doing the thing I love to do.'' 

The Otters enrolled Alexeev in a class to improve his English and he may learn a little NHL contract language by the summer as the Lightning attempt to sign him to a pro contract. 

``I hope his agent isn't dumb because this kid has a legitimate chance to play in the NHL next season,'' General Manager Rick Dudley said. ``He's exactly what we want - big, fast and skilled. This is a kid physically way beyond his years. I've seen him play three times this season and I'm convinced Nikita Alexeev is the best package of size and speed in junior hockey.'' 

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22 февраля. Alexeev a skating sensation // The Tampa Tribune

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