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29 августа 2002 года
Antropov eager to prove he belongs 

By TERRY KOSHAN -- Toronto Sun

Nik Antropov realizes he has plenty to prove to the Maple Leafs brass this season but he may have to wait a while before he can do anything about it. 

The Leafs' first-round choice in 1998 had reconstructive surgery on his left knee last February and probably won't be able to take part in full drills when training camp opens Sept. 12. 

"He should be ready to skate, but not ready for contact," Leafs assistant to the president Bill Watters said. "He has to wait for the doctors' go-ahead." 

Once Antropov is given the green light, he will attempt to erase the past couple of years of his hockey career, especially last season. The 22-year-old Kazakhstan native had two points in 11 games before he was banished to St. John's, where he amassed 35 points in 34 games prior to suffering his knee injury. 

"I want to clear my mind," said Antropov, who has been skating with teammates and others at a Toronto-area rink. "I want to be back in the NHL this season." 

Antropov would have to clear waivers before being sent back to St. John's. 

"It's a critical year for him," Watters said. "He is a guy who is going to be given an opportunity to play with Gary Roberts (out until January or February following surgery to both shoulders)."

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