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17 сентября 2005 года. 
The new Nik Antropov: No more Mr. Nice Guy - Торонто Стар


The whistle blew the play dead yesterday, but Nik Antropov still barged his way into the goal crease and straight-armed Bryan Marchment to the ice.

Andropov also toppled Dominic Noel, and later spark a melee after he collided with Ben Ondrus.

For Antropov, it was a sign of a bullish, edgy player to come.

"That's what I'm trying to do at training camp — go to the net hard and stand in front of the goalie ... it starts here and I have to take it into (exhibition games)," said Antropov, who got a whack of a stick from Marchment.

An edgy Antropov, ready to cause a stir with his 6-foot-5, 228-pound body, is exactly what the Leafs have been waiting to see.

This is the lanky 25-year-old's fifth NHL season, but his career has been marred by injuries. As a result, the Russian has shown only flashes of the dominating power forward which the Leaf organization feels is there.

"That was encouraging," Leafs GM John Ferguson said about Antropov's newfound edginess. "His body is an asset and he used it to his advantage, and to our advantage.

"We are looking for him to be confident and to expect more from himself.

"We're looking for him to be more accountable and earn more important minutes in a game. He's got the skill and size to warrant that type of responsibility."

Antropov's aggressiveness might stem from what is new territory for him at a training camp: for the first time, he is skating alongside Mats Sundin to open camp.

It's a prestigious posting, and one that Antropov realizes is tied to great expectations.

"I feel like Pat (coach Quinn) and John (Ferguson) are maybe giving me a bit of credit, putting me on the top line to see if I can keep up with these players," said Antropov, whose other linemate is Darcy Tucker.

"With these players, it's my chance to step up."

The posting also reflects the fact the Leafs still have faith in him despite what has been, fairly or unfairly, criticism that he has underachieved so far in his career.

With two knee surgeries hindering his chance to reach the next level in his career, Antropov's best season was a 16-goal, 29-assist campaign in 2002-03. That production has fallen short compared with his contemporaries in his 1998 draft class — Vincent Lecavalier, Alex Tanguay, Simon Gagne and Scott Gomez.

Now a father of two, Antropov accepted the Leafs' qualifying offer of $1.07 million (all figures U.S.) last month. The deal came after he seriously considered a higher-paying job with a Russian team. Before the ill-fated 2004-05 season, Antropov received $1.325 million, avoiding arbitration. His latest contract, essentially a pay cut under the new collective bargaining agreement, is also far below what his 1998 first-round classmen are currently earning. Lecavalier leads that parade with $6 million. Tanguay follows at $3.2 million, while Gomez is at $2.2 million and Gagne pockets $2 million.

Antropov returned to Toronto in April after spending the lockout in Russia where he played for Kazan Ak-Bars and Yoroslavl Lokomotiv.

Back home, he immediately hooked up again with Dennis Lindsay, a personal trainer he's known for five years.

Antropov says he's worked his way back to the weight he had carried in the last NHL season.

The difference, if his play yesterday means anything, is that he'll start to throw it around.

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