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29 декабря 1999 года.
Rookie (Антропов) muscling up

As Nik Antropov's body grows, so, too, does the respect around the league for him. 

The rookie Maple Leafs centre hasn't backed down from even the most ornery of NHLers, as witnessed by his run-in with Scott Stevens last week. The New Jersey Devils captain was left with an ugly bruise on his face after getting the worst of a collision with the 6-foot-5, 203-pound Antropov. 

Impressed by Antropov's fearlessness, Leafs tough guy Tie Domi is attempting to help his teammate's development by putting some meat on his skinny bones. 

"(Nik) is going to spend a couple of months here in the summer probably working out with Tony Mark, my personal trainer," Domi said yesterday. "In fact I told (Nik) he doesn't have any choice. He's just a kid. He still has to grow muscles. But he has shown that he isn't afraid of anyone out there." 

Mark also works with Leafs goalkeeper Curtis Joseph. 

Antropov, 19, continues to learn about pro hockey every day. The latest lesson concerns being the subject of the media spotlight.

After notching four goals and an assist in three games last week, Antropov has found himself doing more and more interviews. Thankfully he has teammate Dmitry Yushkevich around to serve as an interpreter. 

Antropov was a candidate to be NHL player of the week, but lost out to Fred Brathwaite. The Calgary Flames goaltender allowed just one goal in three games. 

"When I found out about it, I was very honoured (to be considered)," Antropov said through Yushkevich. 

When asked about his encounter with Stevens, Antropov said, "I'm not surprised. I always play like that." 

Despite his recent offensive heroics, Antropov's solid play in his own end is what has impressed the Toronto brass. 

"His defensive acumen is something the coaches like," Leafs general manager/coach Pat Quinn said. "He also has a built-in culture group here, what with all the Russian guys we have on the team. He fits in. 

"He's one of those deceptive skaters. He has those long strides which allow him to make up ground quicker than it looks."

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