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Blues Insider: Ivan Barbashev Was 'Leaking Sweat' When He Met Vladimir Putin
30 октября 2018 года. https://kmox.radio.com

The Blues 22-year-old forward was even invited to a private meeting by the Russian President.

Not many people have had the chance to say they share a room with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin – by choice. But Blues forward Ivan Barbashev has.

The Moscow native was the captian the Russian squad at a recent World Junior Championships.

After one of their games Putin came into the lockerroom and put his arm around Barabshev.

"You should have seen me, I had sweat just like leaking from me because like I was nervous," Barabshev says.

Putin even invited him to a speical meeting of the hockey elite in his home country.

"I was wondering if they were like going to ask me something, I was panicking," Barbashev says. "They didn't ask me anything so it was good."

Страничка Ивана Барбашева на сайте "Звёзды с Востока"


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