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3 марта 2000 года.
Сергей Березин отвечает на вопросы болельщиков (на английском) 

From: maria@bv01.athletedirect.com What does it feel like to not be playing for such a long period of time? 

Sergei Berezin: It is horrible for me to be out of the game for this long. This is the worst injury I have ever had in my hockey career. It is a real bad feeling and I hope I never have to go through this again during my career. 

From: ime_girl@bv01.athletedirect.com How important, do you feel, is the Leafs' participation in various charity works such as the Have A Heart Dinner, and Cujo's Kids? 

Sergei Berezin: It is very important. Last week we had a charity dinner, where all the player worked as the waiters. We all served the people's tables and it was great to raise the money for different charities. If you can help somebody by doing these things, then I think it is a great thing. I makes me feel better. I was doing this for my fourth straight year, so I am becoming a pro at waiting tables. 

From: Jessica@bv01.athletedirect.com ok I know u have missed quite a few games due to injury (best of luck returning) so I wanted to ask u if when your a healthy scratch (like you'll ever be one LOL) or injured where do u watch the games from? 

Sergei Berezin: If there is a home game, at the Air Canada Centre, I go into the locker room and turn on the TV. I will jump on the bike or the stairmaster, do the workout and watch the game. If I am on the road, usually I will go up to the press box and watch the game from there. 

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