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3 октября 2001 года.
Panthers' success depends on Bure brothers // AP

SUNRISE, Fla. (AP) - Off the ice, the Bure brothers are easy to tell apart.
Pavel Bure is single and usually silent when it comes to his personal life. He spends summers in Moscow - sometimes dining with Russian leaders - has a flashy South Beach condominium and a lively romantic life. 

Valeri Bure is a family man and more open. He spends summers at home with his wife, former TV sitcom star Candace Cameron, and their two children. They have a third child on the way. 
The Bure brothers are harder to tell apart on the ice. Both shifty goal scorers, the siblings were reunited in Florida this summer and hope to rebuild the struggling Panthers together. 
Florida opens the season Thursday night at Philadelphia. 

``It's exciting for them to be able to play together, it's exciting for the organization and it's especially exciting for the fans who will get to see two very skilled players on the ice,'' Panthers general manager Bill Torrey said. 

The brothers have waited a long time for this reunion. 

``We feel real fortunate to finally play for the same team after 10 years,'' Pavel said. ``In this business, it's really hard to get to the same place at the same time. It's a great situation now. For me, the most important thing is it's part of your family here with you all the time - on the ice, off the ice and on the road.'' 

Sons of Vladimir and Tatiana Bure, the 30-year-old Pavel and 27-year-old Valeri grew up in the crumbling Soviet Union. 

Vladimir was a three-time Olympic swimmer who won a bronze medal in 1972. His boys inherited his athleticism. 

At age 16, Pavel joined the Red Army team. Valeri eventually followed. Pavel played on teams with Sergei Fedorov, Igor Larionov and Alexander Mogilny and won a gold medal in the 1989 World Championships - the same year he was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks. 

Pavel and Valeri played three games together for the Red Army team during 1990-91. Then in September 1991, the brothers flew from Moscow to Los Angeles with their father. 

``We were ready to move on,'' Valeri said. ``Circumstances (in the Soviet Union) changed, so we left.'' 

They trained twice a day with their father in Los Angeles and learned English from television and radio. 

A few months later, Pavel became a fan favourite with the Canucks. Valeri, 17 at the time, played junior hockey in the Western Hockey League. 

Pavel won the Calder Trophy, given to the league's top rookie, in 1992, his first season, and helped lead the Canucks to the Stanley Cup final two years later. The Panthers traded for him in 1999. 

Valeri made his debut in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens in 1994-95. He was traded to the Calgary Flames in February 1998. 

The brothers played six games together during the 1998 Olympics and teamed up again in the 1999-00 NHL all-star game. Valeri had two assists for the World Team, and Pavel earned MVP honours with three goals and an assist. Valeri assisted on Pavel's first two goals. 

Although they won't be on the same line for Florida, the Panthers are hoping for similar production this season. 

``They are both highly skilled players and they're both going to have to play a lot and contribute to the team for us to be successful,'' coach Duane Sutter said. 

Pavel led the league in goals the last two seasons, netting 58 in 1999-00 and 59 last season. 
Valeri had 35 goals and 40 assists two years ago before dipping to 27 goals and 28 assists last season. Unhappy in Calgary, he wanted to be traded. Torrey tried to acquire Valeri in December, but couldn't work out a deal with the Flames until the NHL entry draft in June. 

So what was Valeri's reaction when he heard the news in June? 

``My wife and I, we started screaming and jumping,'' he said. ``We were super excited. 
``There are no minuses to having your brother playing with you, only pluses. When you get a chance to play with a player of his calibre, it doesn't matter if he's your brother or not. But when he's your sibling, it will be much more fun.'' 

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