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27 февраля 2002 года.
Bures appear upbeat despite bronze fate // Sun-Sentinel

By Michael Russo 

WASHINGTON· The Bure Brothers have returned from the Olympics and, as Valeri said, "A medal is a medal, so we'll take the bronze."

Maybe the Russians' most difficult game in the tournament was that bronze-medal game against Belarus, even though they won it 7-2.

"For us, it was a task to get ready less than 24 hours after losing to the U.S. [in the semifinals] to play Belarus," Bure said. "We were scared in a way because it's hard to get up and play the next game when you're so disappointed. The only thing in your mind is to win the gold medal, and once you can't do that anymore, it's almost like, `Let's go home.'"

In the semifinals, Russia fell behind 3-0 to the United States before rallying in the third period and coming up just short.

"They had the momentum, I think from the fans and from the excitement, throughout the tournament," Valeri said. "They came out hard and we sat back. So in the third, we had nothing to lose."

It was the second medal for the Bures after winning silver in 1998 in Japan. Despite the disappointment, both said it was a wonderful experience.

"You don't have too many chances in your life to win a gold medal," Pavel said.

Pavel felt the Russian Olympic Committee went overboard when it threatened to boycott the rest of Olympics because of its perceived bias against their country.

"I wanted to play the game, because you get so close and you're in the semifinal, you don't want to just leave from there."

2 марта 2002 года.
Bures' chemistry starting to set // Sun-Sentinel

By Michael Russo 

TAMPA · When the Panthers traded for, and later signed, Valeri Bure last summer, they were hoping for dividends similar to the magical reunion Bure made with his older brother, Pavel, at the 2000 All-Star Game.

In that game, Pavel had a hat trick and Valeri assisted on two of those goals as the pair set a record for a brother combination in an All-Star Game with six points.

Together in Florida, the Panthers' expectations haven't exactly paid off yet, mostly because Valeri missed 37 games following knee surgery.

Pavel has had only three multi-goal games and no hat tricks, compared to 23 multi-goal games and eight hat tricks the past two seasons. Valeri hasn't had a multi-point game.

However, still playing on a knee that's not close to 100 percent, Valeri has started to display the reasons the Panthers were interested in acquiring him in the first place. He's supremely talented, has a terrific shot and sees the ice well enough to create gimme goals, like he did for Sandis Ozolinsh on Wednesday night in a loss to Detroit.

And since coach Mike Keenan is gaining more confidence in Valeri, it's no surprise that he'll be skating again on the left wing of the No. 1 line with Pavel on the right tonight in Tampa.

"He's very capable of reading off his brother," Keenan said.

Playing with his brother is something he's wanted when healthy, "but you cannot ask to play with my brother," Valeri said. "It's been awesome the last few games. I'm enjoying it. We played in the Olympic games together and had lots of fun. We're both players with a lot of speed and can create a lot of stuff."

The key to the line's success actually will be the play of center Jason Wiemer. Keenan wants him to supply the grit by digging pucks out of the corner and creating space for the Bures.

With the Bures' speed and talent, they should be able to out-cycle opponents down low.

It's been a difficult season for Valeri, beginning with going under the knife after only six games. Then, after getting healthy, he was tentative and playing on a knee that is still giving him problems.

"I'm not 100 percent," the younger Bure said. "The knee isn't where I want it to be. It still bothers me."

Valeri said he still can't do some movements and experiences sharp pains at times. He's hoping his knee will react better as the season continues because he doesn't want to have more surgery after it's over.

"I don't want to rehab all summer," he said. "I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable."

During the summers, Valeri never rides the stationary bike. His training consists of tennis and running, but so far, doctors haven't let him run.

"They don't want any extra impact on the knee, so just skating is allowed," he said.

Pavel said it's been frustrating for his brother.

"I don't think he can show exactly what he has until the knee is totally fine," Pavel said. "When something's bothering you, you're always thinking about it. Until he gets totally resolved with the knee, I don't think we'll see him 100 percent. But it's a good sign that even with the knee still bothering him, he's been one of the best players on the ice the last couple games."

Bure has five goals and 11 points in 24 games, which are not the kind of numbers he's used to, especially after setting the bar with a career-high 35 goals and 75 points during the 1999-2000 season. He said he wants to improve as the season nears an end, but adds, "I don't have to prove myself to anybody. I've done that a long time ago. I just have to be satisfied with my game and I've been starting to play my game."

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