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6 ноября 2000 года.
Bure making statement

By Eric Duhtaschek "The Hockey News"

Brian Sutter knows something about little brothers. After all, five of his-Darryl, Duane, Brent, Ron and Rich-followed him to the NHL after he cracked the St. Louis Blues' lineup in 1976. 

It is a double-edged sword, this business of growing up in a hockey family. On the one hand, the eldest sibling can assist the process of getting to the NHL by blazing a trail, helping to establish family credentials. On the other, if he succeeds in any meaningful way, he can also cast a long shadow over those that follow. 

In some ways, Sutter's background may help explain the unlikely relationship he forged with Valeri Bure, the Calgary Flames' leading scorer through the first month of 1999-2000. 

Bure, younger brother of Florida Panther superstar Pavel Bure, is making a name for himself this year. After a month, he was tied for the NHL lead in goals, with 10. Sutter will tell you his own experience provides him with an insight into Valeri Bure's situation. 

An insight...and an opening. 

"There is no question we teased him about it last year," Sutter laughed. "We used to challenge him by saying, 'Why can't you score goals like your brother does?' Fact is, that's what he's doing now. I don't know if he has that flat-out speed of his brother in the first one or two steps, but after that, Val is as quick as his brother. And he can probably beat Pavel out of the corner to the front of the net. He is as quick as anybody at that." 

For his part, Bure gives much of the credit for his development to Sutter. Two years ago, when the Flames plucked him out of Montreal in the deal for Jonas Hoglund and Zarley Zalapski-neither of whom remain with the Canadiens-Bure was in the throes of a 25-game goalless drought. 

Bure never did find his place with the Habs. He was shuffled from the first line to the third, in part because the Canadiens, in those days, had seven offensive forwards on the roster and room for only six on the top two lines. Beyond that, however, Bure will tell you playing for Sutter has changed his approach to the game. A primary part of Sutter's coaching mantra involves 

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