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13 декабря 2000 года.
Coach hints Val is out of the doghouse // Calgary Sun

By MARK MILLER -- Calgary Sun

Val Bure's punishment comes to an end tonight. 

But only the disgruntled winger can undo the crime that his uninspired play has committed this season. 

Bure's lacklustre play, highlighted by his three powerplay goals in 31 games -- 46 heading back to last season -- resulted in the Russian winger being scratched from the past two games. 

It was perhaps not coincidence that the team rebounded from the removal of Bure's divisive influence with back-to- back wins. But it's clear to everyone the Calgary Flames are a better team with a productive Bure in the lineup instead of in the press box. 

He's expected to play tonight against the Canadiens -- the team that traded him away in a 1998 swap with the Flames. 

"He's definitely worked hard in practice and we know that we are a better team when Val is playing on top of his game," said head coach Don Hay, who won't make a final decision on Bure's status until today. 

But he was clearly tipping his hand with his comments on Bure. 

"We are definitely happy with the team's work ethic of the last two games, but we feel for us to continue to having success, Val has to go back in the lineup and play at the level he has to be at in order for us to have success. 

"I think the motivation has to come from within and the pride factor is very important. He's acted like a professional through this and I know he wants to get back in and we are going to look for what is best for the hockey club." 

Captain Dave Lowry said the message has been sent and received by Bure and the other players in the room. 

"Val is a great hockey player and an important part of this team," said Lowry. "This isn't the first time a player of Val's calibre has been scratched. Sometimes it lights a fire and hopefully that's what happens." 

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