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1 января 2001 года.
Bure's back!

By ERIC FRANCIS -- Calgary Sun
Who said it was Florida or bust for Val Bure? 
Who said the Russian Pocket Rocket's flare had fizzled, his passion for the game disappeared and his scoring touch made like Mario Lemieux's retirement plans? 
OK, everyone did. 
However, through the miracle of Christmas -- or perhaps it had more to do with the fear of being benched again -- it appears the mighty mite is ready to lead this team again. 
Two days after recording his first two-goal effort of the season, Bure went two better for an encore last night. 
Scoring twice and adding two assists, Bure exhibited time and time again why he was the team's leading scorer last year with 35 goals. 
Circling the offensive zone with legs pumping and the puck seemingly glued to his stick before making that quick shot or shifty outlet pass, there was every reason to believe the old Val was back. 
Especially in overtime, where the speedster used to feast on the open space of four-on-four, he got the crowd revved up several times including seconds before Derek Morris' game-winning blast when he fed the defenceman for the big shot. 
All told, No. 8 has now scored seven times in his last eight games since the San Jose Slaughter landed him in the press box for two games. 
"I don't know if I'd call it a relief (to start scoring again), but it sure feels good," said Bure, named the game's first star. 
"It seems like everything has been going real well for our line (alongside Dave Lowry/Oleg Saprykin and Daniel Tkaczuk). We've been getting a lot of offensive chances and playing well defensively, too." 
Counted on heavily to provide the Flames with goals, it was no coincidence Bure's struggles early in the season mirrored those of the team's. 
Scoring just three goals and adding nine assists in the team's first 29 games, Bure's name appeared in headlines for all the wrong reasons. 
There was talk he didn't get along with coach Don Hay and that he steadfastly refused to buy into the new coach's system. Rumours also circulated he wanted out of Calgary so he could play in Miami with brother Pavel. 
He denied everything, as did Craig Button, as did Don Hay. They all claimed things were peachy in Bure-dom and that he just wasn't getting any breaks. 
Well, now he is. 
"Nothing has changed really," said Bure, who remained even-keel throughout his first-half struggles. 
"I'm just playing my game, concentrating on the things I do well, which are skating and shooting." 
The difference now appears not only to be a heightened passion to compete, he is also very at home alongside rookie surprise Tkaczuk, who appears to be the first linemate to mesh with Bure this year. 
"Val was going to break out no matter who he plays with," shrugged Tkaczuk, who has picked up more than a point a game since joining Bure's line a handful of games ago. 
"Everyone has been on his case for not scoring goals and I'm happy to see him start scoring again. It's a privilege to play with a guy like that and I just have to make sure when he finds the holes I get it to him. But not only is he a great goal scorer, he's also a great passer." 
With six points in his last two games, you can bet Bure was one of the happiest Flames at the team's New Year's Eve bash. 
And as sure as nobody knows the words to Auld Lang Syne, he'll be pumped to keep the scoring binge alive when he faces the San Jose Sharks, who essentially got him back on track 
"We won't even bring that up," said Bure of the 8-0 slaughter that led to him being benched. 
"Hopefully we'll just keep on doing what we've been doing." 
No one wants that more than him. 

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