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2 мая 2001 года.
Bure burned his bridges // Calgary Sun 

New coach says there's no room on team for selfish players

By MARK MILLER -- Calgary Sun The Calgary Flames are moving in a new direction. And it doesn't include Val Bure. 

It wasn't difficult to read between the lines of new head coach Greg Gilbert's tough words yesterday. And if anyone had any doubt where Bure, the disgruntled forward, fits in this club's plans, GM Craig Button made it crystal clear. This is a team that won't suffer selfishness.

And now that Gilbert's contract negotiations are complete, you can rest assured he's been promised the players who will comprise this Flames team will not include the likes of Bure, who were unable or unwilling to buy into a team game. 

When asked directly about Bure, Button said: "Winning teams have to make changes every year and they do. Mike Keane and Mike Ricci were moved out of Colorado when they won the Stanley Cup. We haven't been a winning team. There is going to be changes. Our goal is to be a team that plays for one another. Period." 

End of Flames story for Bure. It will end, at some point, in his trade this summer. It had to. 

For in Greg Gilbert, the Flames have handed the coaching mantle to a man weaned on the discipline of Mike Keenan and Al Arbour. And that will allow for little tolerance of anyone not willing to sacrifice for the team. 

Consistency and work ethic. That's what Gilbert will demand above everything else. 

It's what he told Bure at the end of the season meetings with individual players. 

"It was expressed to all the players what was expected of them," said Gilbert, who will announce the rest of his staff in the next couple weeks. "Players who show the commitment to be good and successful are the people we want around here. People who don't want to make that commitment ... things will have to be done." 

Nowhere yesterday was there any ringing endorsement for Bure. Nor was there any suggestion the team will try to rehabilitate the talented offensive player. It took Gilbert just days to bench Bure when he assumed the head coaching job from Don Hay. If that wasn't a blunt enough message, yesterday's comments left no doubt. 

"I can only go by our meeting at the end of the season," said Gilbert of Bure. "He is a very talented individual and can be a top player in the NHL if he wants to be. Therein lies his decision process -- it's whether he wants to be or not." 

Inevitably, it's Gilbert's job that is on the line. He saw how the Bure situation contributed in part to the demise of Hay. Gilbert would not have accepted this job without assurances he can protect himself from a similar fate. 

"Getting fired is part of the business you accept," said Gilbert. "But I have the confidence in myself to be able to do the job. I feel I will be able to help these guys get to where they want to go. This is result-oriented business. 

"But the two things I will bring from my experience are consistency and work ethic ... That's what we want here." 

And that does not include Val Bure. 

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