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19 сентября 2002 года. 
Following family tradition, Valeri Bure returns from knee injury - Miami Herald

HEALTH CARE: Valeri Bure focuses on playing the whole season after participating in just 31 games last season because of injury. 'I feel badly that my knee did not do well. You can't control that. This year, I approach like any other year,' he said.

The questions about this year's Bure, Valeri, center on his right knee after a pair of surgeries. Three years ago, the main question about the Panthers' season was the durability of Pavel Bure's right knee after surgery.

Not the normal sibling hand-me-down. But the responsibilities of being top gun fell to Valeri upon Pavel's March trade to the Rangers and Valeri's not being traded, despite numerous rumors.

Valeri can find some optimism in his older brother's rocketing to a franchise-record 58 goals and 94 points that season after his knee surgery. Expectations for Valeri this season are slightly lower.

''He's a 30-plus goal scorer,'' coach Mike Keenan said as the Panthers begin their preseason tonight against Montreal. ``That would be the minimum expectation we should have of him. That's necessary for him to contribute.''

Valeri said, ``My goal is to stay healthy. I never set goals for points or how I'm going to do. I just know if I play all the games, good things will happen. This year's no different.''

Valeri, 28, finished first in the fitness testing among veterans and looked dazzling through most of the early scrimmages. He darted through shifts and turns in his usual manner. Of course, those were scrimmages.

''The last few days have been a pretty good test for my knee,'' Valeri said. ``The scrimmages were really high paced.''

Unlike his brother, Valeri doesn't have a recent history of injury. During the three seasons immediately before 2001-02, he missed a total of six games. But in training camp last year, before the Bure brothers act got going, one of the stars pulled up hurt.

Valeri's right knee began bothering him late in training camp. Though the knee kept him out of practice, he was allowed to play the Oct. 14 game against Vancouver. He tore the meniscus that night and missed 37 games following surgery five days later.

Valeri returned but tore right knee cartilage again March 17 against Ottawa. That was his last game of the season. It was also his brother's last game as a Panther because he was traded the next day.

''Last year was a disappointment,'' Valeri said.

Now, he's also in a team leadership role by default as one of the few veterans among the forwards.

''If he's scoring those goals, he'll be leading,'' Keenan said. ``Because that means he'll be getting the ice time. Not that you have to score every night, but he's going to have to be a big contributor offensively as well as take on responsibility as a seasoned player.''

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