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11 декабря 2002 года
V. Bure feels brother's pain - South Florida Sun-Sentinel 

By Michael Russo

SUNRISE · With Rangers superstar Pavel Bure sidelined with what looks like a major knee injury, Valeri Bure has spent the past few days offering emotional support to his older brother.

Valeri knows what Pavel is going through because last year Valeri had his first season with the Panthers ruined by a major knee injury.

But Valeri also knows that Pavel's been through major knee surgeries before, which is why Valeri is concerned about Pavel's emotional health. After Pavel had his second right knee reconstruction in March of 1999 with the Panthers, Pavel said he prayed he never had to go through that torturous rehab again.

Pavel won't know if he's torn his ACL in his left knee until he undergoes arthroscopic surgery in the next few days, but Valeri says Pavel already believes he will need reconstructive surgery.

"Emotionally it's hard on him knowing that he may have to go through this procedure again," Valeri said. "First of all, it's how much pain you have to put up with. There's a lot of pain. They put you on morphine the first few days. That's pretty hardcore.

"Then, the rehab. It's incredibly hard. Then after rehab, you come back and play, but it takes you a while. All this is in my brother's head. He doesn't even know yet if he'll need it, but it's already in his brain that it's a possibility.

"So that's where I come in. I try to encourage him and say, `Maybe that's not the case. Let's wait and don't be discouraged. And if the ACL is torn, we'll deal with that then.'"

Bure said he tries to talk to Pavel "a couple times a day just to keep his spirits up. It's tough. It's emotionally hard on your body."

An MRI revealed that Pavel tore the meniscus cartilage and suffered damage to the medial collateral ligament. Damage to the ACL wasn't clear and won't be known until he has surgery, but Valeri said Pavel intends to get a second opinion.

Pavel may want to visit orthopedic surgeon James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. Andrews reconstructed Pavel's knee in 1999 and Bure returned to score 58 and 59 goals the next two seasons for the Panthers.

"Whoever is closest to my brother -- his friends, my mom and family -- are trying to help him get through this point," Valeri said. "I think that's what he needs because he doesn't have anybody to lean on up there. We're just hoping for the best."

Pavel, with five goals in his last five games, was heating up at the time of his injury -- a collision with Buffalo's Curtis Brown on Friday. Valeri entered Tuesday's game against Philadelphia with no goals since Nov. 9, a stretch of 13 games, although he had eight assists during that span and was third on the Panthers with 13 assists.

"I would be lying if I said it's not in the back of my mind," Bure said of the goal slump. "I love scoring goals, but I missed the whole season (51 games) last year. I know I'm getting better as I play every game. I feel more comfortable out there with my game. It's a long season. I know the goals will be there."

Coach Mike Keenan said, "Val is participating in the offense. He adds a lot to any line he's on and adds a lot to the power play, so he's contributing."

Before coming to Florida, Bure had a reputation as a periphery player, but he has been digging into high-traffic areas more often.

"Maybe some say I don't go into those areas or I don't work hard, but there's nothing I can do about it but just work hard," Bure said.

"Hopefully [critics] will see it, but if they don't, the thing that's most important is I have to look into the mirror and feel good about myself. I do and that's all that matters. I can't control what people say."

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