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8 сентября 2006 года. 
Datsyuk trying to forget drought // The Detroit News

Wings' points leader in the '05-06 regular season has lost scoring touch in the playoffs.

Ted Kulfan 

TROY -- Tough to imagine Pavel Datsyuk going 26 games without a goal.

But as Red Wings fans know -- and were quick to point to after the team's first-round playoff loss to the Oilers -- that's how long Datsyuk has gone without a goal in the playoffs.

Datsyuk can't believe the length of the drought, either.

After leading the Wings with 87 points (28 goals, 59 assists) during the regular season, Datsyuk disappeared in the playoffs, with just three assists in five games.

"I want to play good not just in the regular season, but good in the playoffs," Datsyuk said after Thursday's precamp workout. "I try to forget. It's hard to remember why I didn't play like (I did in the) regular season."

Because the playoffs were a dud -- again -- for him and the Wings, Datsyuk expects the pressure to mount this season, especially during the postseason.

"I don't feel it now," Datsyuk said. "Maybe it's coming when training camp (starts)."

During the playoffs, Datsyuk thought he shot the puck too much when a good pass could have helped him get on track.

"I try to shoot and shoot and maybe it's not good thing," Datsyuk said.

Datsyuk, who is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent after the 2006-07 season, wants to remain in Detroit. But with a salary cap, and the fact the sides have had difficult negotiations before, nothing is certain.

"I want to stay," Datsyuk said. "(It's) good hockey, good team, good fans."

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