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9 марта 2001 года.
Fedorov still feels the pain // The Detroit News 

By Ted Kulfan 

Sergei Fedorov skated Thursday for the first time since suffering a broken nose Feb. 23 against the Blues. But whether he returns to face the Blues in an important Central Division game Saturday remains in doubt.  

Fedorov, who has missed five games, is still bothered by the injury.  
"I feel like a patient after surgery," he said after practicing at the Troy Sports Center. "It was a very, very bad break, no question. My nose shifted to the left side. I struggled quite a few days after the surgery. I didn't feel good at all."  

Fedorov had surgery on the nose the day after the injury. He was placed on the injured list March 2 and could remain there through the weekend until March 13, when rosters can be expanded.  

"We'll practice again (today) and we'll assess him then," Coach Scotty Bowman said.  

"We didn't do a lot (in practice), and it's been a long week for him getting back," Bowman said. "He couldn't play tonight (Thursday). But it's only Thursday. He has a few days."  

Fedorov began off-ice workouts the last two days. He isn't satisfied with his conditioning.  

"I am behind, I'm not sure of the time frame," Fedorov said. "I can't tell you I feel great. That would be not true. It feels like the first time (skating) after the season (ended)."  

Fedorov said he doesn't recall much about the collision with Blues defenseman Bryce Salvador.  

"The last thing I saw was his face so close to mine," Fedorov said. "That's it. I didn't look at the tapes. It was just an unfortunate accident, a collision that happens once in a while."  

Fedorov wore a clear shield Thursday, and he plans to wear it for the rest of the season.  

Although he said the shield needs a few adjustments, he is optimistic he can play without his vision being impaired. 

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