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3 апреля 2001 года.
No goals in seven: A Sergei slump? // Free Press 

Seven games is a bit early to start tossing the word "slump" around, but still, when a player like Sergei Fedorov isn't scoring, it's hard not to notice. Fedorov enters tonight's game at Columbus with five assists over the past seven games, but zero goals. It's the longest he has gone without one this season, and his 32 goals still lead the team.  
"You're right about that, I haven't been able to score lately," Fedorov said Monday. "I think I've been having last three games quite a few chances, but .... it's hard to say why. Some shots I steer to the net and when I look up, it doesn't go the way I thought it should be, so it's a little bit frustration there.  

"I can talk about technical stuff that I'm trying to adjust -- I am working on some sticks, again. I lost a little luck with my sticks."  

Fedorov switched to a graphite stick this season, and a stiffer shaft. That, combined with extra hours in the weight room, has made his shot one of the most dangerous in the NHL. He has been one of the team's most consistent producers, barely missing a step when he came back after being sidelined for six games because of a broken nose. That injury forced him to use a shield, but Fedorov doesn't believe that's the reason for his drought. "I don't think so," he said. "It's comfortable -- I can see fine, I control the puck fine. Obviously it's still a new thing to me, but I don't even think about it."  

Fedorov said he plans to keep the shield through the playoffs, "just for protection for my eyes and nose. Hard to say about next season, maybe just to protect my eyes, many players do that. We'll see."  

With the second seed in the Western Conference sewn up, the Wings can survive if Fedorov doesn't score. And the last time he went any stretch of games without a goal, he ended a five-game drought by producing seven goals in three games.

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