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17 сентября 2002 года. 
Fedorov wants to remain a Wing, but contract talks likely to last a while

By Ansar Khan

TRAVERSE CITY -- Bobby Holik is one of the better two-way players in the NHL but he has never scored 30 goals in a season or won the Selke Trophy as the league's top defensive forward.

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And he still landed a five-year, $45 million contract from the New York Rangers in July.

Detroit Red Wings center Sergei Fedorov is also one of the best two-way players in the game. Fedorov has topped the 30-goal mark eight times and has won two Selke Trophies, in addition to his Hart Trophy as league MVP in 1994.

So how much is Fedorov worth?

That will determined later this season or perhaps next summer. But the answer is apparent. If Holik can command $9 million a season, Fedorov's asking price is likely to be about $10 million a year.

Wings general manager Ken Holland said he and Fedorov's agent, Mike Liut, have not discussed salary figures yet. They've spoken only briefly and figure to talk many more times before a deal is finalized. But Holland is optimistic that Fedorov will eventually sign with the Wings.

"I've talked to Sergei myself this summer. The indication I get is they're prepared to work with us to get a contract done," Holland said. "He's interested in remaining a Wing."

Liut couldn't be reached for comment. Fedorov, 32, wouldn't say whether he wishes to sign with the Wings during the season or test the free-agent market on July 1.

"Not too much I can tell you about that right now," Fedorov said. "We'll see."

Fedorov will earn $2 million this season, the last year of the six-year, $38 million offer sheet he signed with the Carolina Hurricanes in February 1998, which the Wings matched. The deal, heavily front-loaded because of a $14 million signing bonus and $12 million accelerated payment clause, averaged $6.3 million a season.

The highest-paid players in the NHL -- Colorado's Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic, Washington's Jaromir Jagr, Anaheim's Paul Kariya and Detroit's Nicklas Lidstrom -- all make about $10 million a season.

The Wings aren't likely to pay Fedorov more than Lidstrom. Steve Yzerman has referred to Lidstrom as the team's best and most valuable player several times, and the Hockey News agrees, having named the two-time Norris Trophy-winning defenseman the best player in the NHL in its season preview magazine.

But if Fedorov excels in 2002-03, he could command more than $10 million a season on the open market.

Yzerman is expected to miss more than half the season recuperating from knee surgery and Fedorov has a history of elevating his performance in the captain's absence, taking advantage of extra ice time.

"I'm definitely going to have some more responsibilities. I always thrive on that," Fedorov said during training camp at Centre I.C.E Arena. "Probably a few extra minutes will be added to my ice time. I'm excited, no question about that."

"Sometimes when he feels he has more responsibility and accountability, he can do that (excel)," Wings associate coach Barry Smith said.

The Wings need to get off to a good start to ease any concerns that might arise following the retirements of coach Scotty Bowman and goaltender Dominik Hasek. It would help if Fedorov continued to perform like he did in the playoffs.

"He really elevated his game in the playoffs. I thought he was dominant, offensively and defensively," Smith said. "He made a difference for us. And I think he's going to make a difference for us at the start of the season. How he plays raises the (performance) of players around him on the ice and raises the bench."

Raise? Fedorov is poised for a big one. 

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