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29 мая 2003 года. 
Now Sergei gets Maxim exposure - Free Press

If you liked that up-close-and-personal interview Sergei Fedorov did with the Hockey News in March, there's more from the same session in Maxim (the June issue of the guy magazine, not former teammate Kuznetsov). 
After Fedorov confirmed the marriage-divorce thing with Anna Kournikova again, Maxim asked, "Is it tough not having Anna in your life now?" 
"Tough?" Sergei answered. "No, it's a lot easier." 
Fedorov also is going to be a free agent hockeywise, unless the Red Wings sign him first, but he said all that fame and wealth can complicate a guy's love life. 
"Actually, it's very hard for me right now to trust a woman," he said. "It's hard for the women I meet to separate Sergei Fedorov the hockey player and the person." 
Although Sergei was forthcoming about Anna, he was more discreet when Maxim asked, "Is Eric Lindros the NHL's biggest bust?" 
"No way!" Fedorov answered. "It's actually a friend of mine that I hang out with all the time in the summer. I don't want to say his name -- I'll let your readers try and guess." 
Elsewhere on the Sergei beat, the N.Y. Post reported he has spent $650,000 on a Ferrari that can go 250 m.p.h. 
Can't blame him there -- everybody's trading up these days with that zero-percent financing.

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