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Fetisov yearns for Olympics 

By Rich Chere 
The Star-Ledger 

Former Devils defenseman Viacheslav Fetisov won't be playing for Russia in the Winter Olympics next month, but the winner of two gold medals and one silver admits he still feels a yearning for the Games. 

"It's been so much of my life. I'm going to watch on TV and remember all my previous Olympics. Maybe it will be hard," Fetisov said. "The Stanley Cup is special because it took me so long to get, but I'm not going to trade any of my Olympic medals for anything. 

"I still feel the pressure when I hold those Olympic medals. The Stanley Cup playoffs are tough to go through, but you lose one game and you can recover. In the Olympics, there is so much pressure. One game changes everything. You work for four years and you don't play for New Jersey or Detroit. You play for a whole nation." 

Fetisov, who led the former Soviet Union to the gold in 1984 and '88 after taking the silver in Lake Placid in 1980, said he expects "some surprises" from the Russian team. 

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