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12 ноября 2001 года.
Fetisov second Russian player inducted into Hall // Сanadian Press

TORONTO (CP) -- Slava Fetisov has his hands full in putting together a Russian lineup capable of winning a medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

First of all, while the Canadian, American and Scandinavian teams have scouts flying all over the place eyeballing talent, the Russians are spending nothing. Zilch. 

So, just who is scouting for Russia? 

"Me and myself," admits Fetisov, who is head coach of the entry. 

It's quite the assignment. 

"Russia is behind in what is happening in hockey right now and that is frustrating, but we'll get the best people together and try to compete," says Fetisov. 

Alexander Mogilny won't be in Salt Lake City in February. The Toronto Maple Leafs forward has turned Fetisov down, and Fetisov says he's lost some respect for his friend because of the decision. 

"When the country needs them, they bail out," he says. "I don't like this kind of stuff." 

Sergei Fedorov of the Detroit Red Wings has yet to agree to join Fetisov's fold. 

"I don't know what he's waiting for," says Fetisov. "The team needs him." 

As for Red Wings centre Igor Larionov, another undecided Russian, Fetisov says his buddy can have "any role he wants, it's up to him -- player, management, or whatever capacity he wants." 

To date, those named to the roster are: goalie Nikolai Khabibulin, defencemen Darius Kasparaitis, Sergei Gonchar, Oleg Tverdovsky and Dmitry Yushkevich, and forwards Pavel Bure, Alexei Yashin and Alexei Kovalev. 

Fetisov talked about the challenge of being the head coach after he was presented with his Hockey Hall of Fame blazer and ring prior to his induction Monday. 

"It is a big opportunity for me, for sure," Fetisov said of the Olympics. "Russian hockey is struggling internationally the last few years. 

"Players have lost respect for management, and management can not handle the situation. To be champions again, there has to be respect again in both directions. The most important thing is pride. Any player who wears the national team jersey must play with pride, must fight for the country, and try to do his best. Don't make it a favour to join the national team. We're going to sort these things out." 

Fetisov, 43, joins goalie Vladislav Tretiak as the only Russian players in the hockey shrine. Coach Anatoli Tarasov also is an honoured member. In Fetisov's mind, the late Valeri Kharlamov should be next in line. 

Fetisov helped the Soviet Union win two Olympic titles and six world championships. He was among the best defencemen in the world. He jumped to the NHL in 1989 with New Jersey at the age of 31, blazing the trail for Russians who had previously been prohibited from emigrating, and he earned two Stanley Cup rings with the Detroit Red Wings before retiring to become assistant coach of the Devils. 

Ask him if he'd like to become an NHL head coach, and he's hard to pin down. He's happy with his current job, he says. 

"We'll see," he said. "Most definitely I have confidence right now, and I've had great experience working with Lou Lamoriello, one of the best managers in hockey, and Larry Robinson, a quality person, a great coach and a good friend." 

Could he handle it? 

"I may want it but it's not right for me to judge what is my ability right now," he replied. 

On his selection to the Hockey Hall of Fame, Fetisov said he hopes his success will be an inspiration for young players in his homeland. 

"Lately there has been disrespect for Russian hockey because of poor international results," he said. "Maybe this will bring some good memories to the people back home." 

He has a sharp sense of humour. 

He's currently listed as a major in the Russian army, membership in which was obligatory during his playing days when Communists ruled. 

"But they will give me general now," he says, tongue in cheek. 

His first days as an NHL player were difficult, he recalled. 

"When I came here, I thought I'd play three years and make some money and go back home," he said. "The media marked me as a Commie." 

Players around the league took runs at him on the ice, and there was rejection even from teammates because he was a foreigner taking a job. 

"They admit now they didn't want me on the team," he said. "I couldn't communicate then. A couple of years later, we became friends and fought for the ultimate goal on the same team. 

"The NHL is a great example for the rest of the world because people of different nationalities find common ground." 

To prove he belonged, he decided he had to help a team win the NHL title. 

"It was kind of a late dream but I decided I was going to get that sucker over my head," he said. "I would have paid a team to let me play. I had in my mind to win the Stanley Cup." 

When it happened in 1997 and again in 1998 with Detroit, there was nothing left to accomplish as a player. Now there are coaching frontiers to explore for one of the sport's truly legendary figures. 

Страничка Вячеслава Фетисова на сайте "Звёзды с Востока"


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