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26 сентября 2006 года. 
Frolov Searches for Next Level // Los Angeles Times

By Chris Foster and Eric Stephens, Times Staff Writers

The enigma that Alexander Frolov has been through three NHL seasons with the Kings is now the concern of Coach Marc Crawford.

Crawford, like those before him, sees the multiple offensive skills that Frolov displays, though not always consistently. Crawford inherits the chore of nudging Frolov to reach the cathedral-like ceiling on his potential.

"I think he's a good player, first and foremost let's start with that," Crawford said. " … We want him to pick up his game, with a little determination to get into the areas where he can use those great skills. We not only expect him to be a top player, we need him to be a top player."

That need is apparent. The Kings entered training camp with no one who has scored more than 26 goals in an NHL season. So it seems a perfect time for Frolov to mature into the monster goal-scorer the Kings have envisioned since drafting him in the first round in 2000.

"I think we have a couple guys who can score 30 or more goals," said Frolov, 24. "I think I'm capable of doing that if I do the things that are necessary."

Frolov did some of those things Saturday against the Colorado Avalanche. He joined a scrum in front of the goal crease and knocked the puck into the net for a tying goal in what would be a 3-2 Kings' victory.

Those types of goals are rare for Frolov. He has scored 59 goals in three seasons, but usually with glitz, not grit.

"He paid the price and got the payoff," Crawford.

Whether there will be more of those goals is to be seen. But Frolov has always teased and tantalized. Last season, Frolov had 13 goals through the team's first 24 games and eight in the last 58.

"I know I need to shoot more," Frolov said. "I need to get in front of the net. I need to back check. I have to try to work a little harder."

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