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19 марта 2007 года. 
Penguins Notebook: Gonchar offensive weapon on power plays // Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

By Shelly Anderson.

Perhaps quietly, Penguins veteran Sergei Gonchar has been hanging with the top-scoring defensemen in the NHL. Going into last night's games, his 59 points had him tied for third, three behind Anaheim's Scott Niedermayer.

Gonchar isn't surprised he hasn't gotten more notice for his offense -- a key to his game throughout his career -- because he's not racking up a lot of even-strength points. All but 17 of those 59 points have come on the power play.

Penguins coach Michel Therrien this season has regularly matched Gonchar and his defense partner against each opponent's top line.

"I'm pretty happy with the way I'm playing," Gonchar said yesterday before the Penguins played Ottawa. "My role has changed a bit. I have to play against the top lines. I'm proud the coach trusts me in that role and I'm happy to do it."

Now that he's got his refined role down, Gonchar is making another adjustment -- one players hate to make during the season.

He was having problems with the skate model he used most of the season, but the last straw was when the rivets on one of his skates failed while he was handling the puck at the point during a power play at New Jersey last week.

With one blade dislodged, he fell, allowing the Devils' John Madden to have a long breakaway. Madden missed the net while Gonchar struggled to get back to the bench on one foot.

Now he's wearing a different type of skates each game.

"I ordered five pairs from different companies, and I have to decide which one I'm going to wear in the playoffs," he said.

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