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13 апреля 2013 года.
Grabovski's weight loss a concern: Forward tested for stomach ailment, Lupul concussion confirmed // Toronto Star

Zwolinski, Mark

If there wasn't enough hype, drama and emotion surrounding the Toronto-Montreal matchup Saturday night, The Maple Leafs certainly upped all three levels with injury news on forwards Joffrey Lupul and Mikhail Grabovski.

After a lively workout Friday, Leafs coach Randy Carlyle confirmed Lupul was suffering from a concussion and that Grabovski was being assessed for a prolonged stomach ailment.

"He's actually in New York right now getting some testing done," Carlyle said of Grabovski, who stayed in the Big Apple following the Leafs' shootout loss to the Rangers on Thursday night.

"He's had some gastrointestinal issues where we've noticed that he's lost some weight in the last little while and he's been getting an assessment there."

Grabovski's agent, Gary Greenstin, said Friday the Leafs forward is "fine" and that the testing is going well.

There are no detailed results yet, and Grabovski is questionable for the intense Leafs-Canadiens matchup on home ice Saturday.

Grabovski was scheduled to return to Toronto on Friday evening.

"It's been a process that's probably gone on for more than two years for him, so it's not just something that's flared up," Carlyle said.

"It's an ongoing ailment that we all get. I had it at one point. If you have extended periods of heartburn, and now he's lost some weight ...

"I don't know (if he will play Saturday). It will be determined on what his diagnosis is whether he'll be available ... or not."

Lupul, meanwhile, skated Friday in his first full practice since a shoulder-to-the-head hit nine days ago against the Philadelphia Flyers. While it appeared as if he had suffered a concussion, Lupul and the Leafs waited for two or more days of tests to be certain.

"It's a concussion," said Lupul. "I suppose it wasn't as clear in the first couple of days because you need to see if you can sleep and they have to keep watch on that, and see what the symptoms are. I'd say it's a mild one, given the fact I've been skating and practising with the team all along."

Added Carlyle: "The first problem was everybody was wanting to claim that it was this, or it was that. And the first couple of days, he did not have concussion-type symptoms.

"But that seemed to develop after the first two days. As you notice, he was back on the ice right away. He had vision issues. He lost some peripheral vision and that was the first thing we were trying to deal with.

"After that, those got corrected and we thought we were clear of it and then the concussion symptoms occurred, so I guess you could say he has a concussion."

Lupul, who said he has had concussions in the past (10 years ago in the AHL and five years ago with the Flyers), is now cleared for contact in practice. That means he is progressing steadily and positively.

But Lupul cautioned that there was no timetable for his return.

"Just day to day ... , " he said. "And it was nothing major (during the first two days after the hit). I wasn't feeling 100 per cent so we took two days and rested, and then started slow again.

"I practised today (Friday) with no contact, but I guess I'm cleared for contact ... so we'll see where it goes from here."

Credit: Mark Zwolinski Toronto Star

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