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14 апреля 2013 года.
Grabovski sees doctor for gut check // Toronto Star

Mitchell, Bob

North American food doesn't entirely agree with Mikhail Grabovski.

The Maple Leafs centre stayed behind in New York to see a specialist after Thursday's shootout loss to the Rangers. No big deal, he said Saturday, but something that's been bothering him on and off for more than a year.

"I asked them to find me a good doctor," said Grabovski, who played against his old club, the Montreal Canadiens, on Saturday night. "Different food here in North America than in Russia. I live here for only five years. Maybe my body doesn't digest it properly.

"It doesn't affect me when I play. It's nothing serious. Just an infection or something."

Grabovski has performed well defensively this season, but his offence has been a different story - eight goals and seven assists while collecting $5.5 million in salary.

The lack of production has cost him ice time. He averaged about 11 minutes, mostly on the fourth line, in last week's games against the Rangers.

Страничка Михаила Грабовского на сайте "Звёзды с Востока"


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