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15 февраля 2013 года.
His bite was worse than his bark: Grabovski set to meet Shanahan // Toronto Star

Grabovski set to meet Shanahan.

So one hockey player bites another. What's the big deal? After all, this is a sport where the refs stand back and let players punch the daylights out of each other. It's not a minuet; it's a real, old-fashioned, "Saturday-night-at-the-fights" Canadian hockey game.

More's the surprise that Mikhail Grabovski didn't ask for a dash of salt to go with his Pacioretty.

Rudy Chernecki, Wasaga Beach

Страничка Михаила Грабовского на сайте "Звёзды с Востока"


"ЗВЁЗДЫ С ВОСТОКА" @ c 1997 года