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Mikhail Grabovski is living with Alex Ovechkin
04.10.2013. Steinberg, DanView Profile. Washington Post – Blogs

 Mikhail Grabovski gave one of the better 90-second interviews you'll see after Caps practice Friday morning. Here is a transcript of the good part. You'll forgive me for attempting to capture his particular cadence.

Q: How are things going off the ice for you? Still getting to know the area? Driving is probably the hardest thing to do around here, right?

Grabovski: Yeah, but still don't have car, so Ovi drive me in [Goose?]. But my wife's gonna come next week, so it's gonna be a little bit easy for me, and my friend gonna drive the car. So help me a little bit. So gonna have car and try and look around, but like you say, Ovi help me a little bit now. His parents came, and pretty comfortable in his house.

Q: Are you staying with him now?

Grabovski: Yeah, til next Thursday I think.

Q: How's Ovi as a driver?
Grabovski: Whoooeeh. [Exhales.] Like in the game, you know? Always machine. I put seatbelt all the time. 

Страничка Михаила Грабовского на сайте "Звёзды с Востока"


"ЗВЁЗДЫ С ВОСТОКА" @ c 1997 года