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29 декабря 2000года.
Gusarov dealt to Rangers // Denver Rocky Mountain News 

By Jim Benton Denver Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer 

Defenseman Alexei Gusarov, the player Colorado fans never knew because of his reluctance to talk with the media, was traded to the New York Rangers on Thursday for a fifth-round choice in the 2001 draft. 

"I think he was really undervalued," said defenseman Adam Foote, who often was paired with Gusarov early in his NHL career. "You go back to that championship team we had (in 1995-96), and he was a big part of it. He didn't get enough credit. He kept things quiet, stayed out of everything and showed up to play and played a long time." 

Gusarov, 36, played in only nine games for the Avalanche this season, his 11th with the Quebec-Colorado franchise. Gusarov, who is scheduled to earn $1.3 million this season, missed the first five games because of a bruised foot and was a healthy scratch for 23 games. 

But he will be joining a New York team in need of defensive help. 

"I owe a lot to him," said Foote whose emotional, physical play was the opposite of Gusarov's. "That was maybe a reason why we worked so well together." 

Colorado now has seven defensemen on the roster, not including Eric Messier, who has been playing mostly as a wing this season. 

"You never let a guy go that gave so many years of good services without thanking him," coach Bob Hartley said of Gusarov. "I want to wish him the best of luck. Here's a guy that was good for this hockey 
club and was good in the dressing room. He always found a way to make somebody laugh." 

However, Hartley said, "We felt that right now we have no spots opens for Goose in our lineup. In the case of injuries we have Nolan Pratt and we have some young defensemen in Hershey. We feel we are very safe within our organization." 

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