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8 июня 1991 года. 
Nordiques sign Kamensky to four-year deal // The Ottawa Citizen. 

QUEBEC _ The Quebec Nordiques continued their policy of seeking international talent by announcing Friday the signing of highly touted Soviet forward Valeri Kamensky to a four-year contract.

Details of the contract were not released.

However, Nordiques president Marcel Aubut acknowledged that Kamensky's exact arrival date still must be ironed out. And he said there is no guarantee he will join the team before the Winter Olympics next winter.

''But let's just say the chances are good he'll be here early,'' Aubut, sitting in front of a blown-up picture of Kamensky, told a news conference.

Kamensky, 25, was not present but the news conference was preceded by a five-minute video showing the left-winger in action for the Soviet national team.

Aubut predicted Kamensky will complement the team's other top players such as Joe Sakic and Mats Sundin of Sweden and help improve a club that has missed the playoffs for four consecutive years.

''With the best Swedish player (in the world), the best Soviet and some of the best North Americans, it's hard to see how we can't have several good seasons,'' Aubut boasted as general manager Pierre Page nodded in agreement.

Kamensky, a standout in the recent World Championships in Finland, signed the contract Thursday during Aubut's week-long trip to the Soviet Union.

Quebec's eighth choice and the 129th overall in the 1988 Entry Draft, Kamensky is a six-foot, 170-pound native of Voskresensk. He has scored 59 goals and added 42 assists in 127 games for the Soviet national team.

Aubut said he had to overcome several problems before Kamensky signed.

Kamensky had misgivings initially about moving to Quebec City because his young son has chronic asthma and requires a warmer climate. But the organization has promised to help them in that area, Aubut said.

And ''we were up against some stiff competition from European teams who wanted him.''

Kamensky was lured for a while by the lighter schedule in Europe but was finally persuaded the NHL is the premier hockey league in the world, said Aubut.

He also said the team had to fight negative comments made about Quebec City by Sergei Mylnikov, a Soviet goaltender who was a flop with the team in 1989-90. Mylnikov is no longer with the organization.

But Nordiques defenceman Alexei Gusarov, another compatriot of Kamensky's, helped to counter Mylnikov by praising the city, Aubut said.

Page praised Kamensky as a clutch player who will see plenty of action, particularly when the game is on the line in the last five minutes.

''He likes pressure and being the difference in a game, and that's why we're excited about having him.

''We're getting a goalscorer and that's the most difficult kind of player to find.''

Aubut said the contract allows Kamensky to play for the Soviets in the Olympics.

''Having a Nordique possibly dominating the Olympics isn't bad for our image, although I hope it doesn't affect our position in the Adams Division too much.''

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