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12 марта 1998 года.
Kasparaitis pays price

By MARK MILLER -- Calgary Sun
 Nefarious Darius. Goon. Cheap shot.
 Darius Kasparaitis has been called just about everything.
 The small Penguins defenceman knocked Flyers behemoth Eric Lindros silly last Saturday with a crunching shoulder hit that is destined for highlight reels everywhere.
 But there was nothing nefarious about this hit.
 Clearly, the Penguins defenceman is revelling in the attention, but he is well aware there is a price to pay for his play.
 Already targeted by the Flyers, Kasparaitis bares the scars of revenge. The fun-loving Russian is waging his own personal cold war on NHL opponents.
 "I think I get abused more than I abuse anybody," said the personable 5-foot-10, 205-pound defenceman.
 "That's what you get when you play hard and nobody likes it. Sometimes you get a lot of attention for it.
 "Guys like me and Ulf Samuelsson, I think we pay the price when we play hard because we get a lot of cheap shots from a lot of players in the game.
 "We always have to be ready to play because you never know what is going to happen during the game. You make a hit like that (Lindros), and then you become a target.
 "You have to keep your head up the rest of the game. I hate when that happens -- when you hit somebody in the first period in the first minute and then you just have to keep your head up the whole game. It has happened a couple times like that for me."
 It's a style of play Kasparaitis did not come by honestly. He learned to play that way out of necessity when he joined the roughest, toughest league in the world -- the NHL.
 "I always played my physical type of game but when I got here, I started doing it more," said the 25-year-old.
 "In Russia, I tried to play more finesse hockey because I was playing for the good teams and our No. 1 goal was to score a lot of goals. We didn't have than much chance to play defence. Here it is a different thing." 

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