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17 января 2002 года.
Khabibulin An All-Star // "Tampa Tribune"


TAMPA - The last time Nikolai Khabibulin suited up for an All-Star game, he was in Tampa. He will make his return to the annual showcase representing Tampa. 
Khabibulin was the only Lightning player selected Wednesday as a reserve for the World team for the 52nd annual All-Star game in Los Angeles on Feb. 2. It is the third time he has been picked to play in the game. Khabibulin also was selected in 1998 and '99, the latter coming at the Ice Palace. 

``I'm pretty happy about this one because I haven't played in a couple of years,'' Khabibulin said. ``I think, to this point, I've played pretty good so it feels good to be selected.'' 

After sitting out nearly two seasons in a contract dispute with the Phoenix Coyotes, Khabibulin returned this season wanting to prove he could return to the form that made him one of the top goaltenders in the league. He leads the NHL in save percentage (.934) and is third in goals-against average (2.02). 

``It's hard to compare two years ago to where I am right now, but I'm not in bad shape,'' Khabibulin said of his selection. ``It gives me some confidence in my game, and the guys, along with the coaching staff, have really helped me out this year.'' 

Help is something he won't find much of in the All-Star game, a wide-open contest with plenty of scoring. In his two previous appearances, Khabibulin stopped 25 of 28 shots. 

``I don't think you can worry about it too much if you get scored on in that type of game because it's more for the forwards to showcase themselves,'' Khabibulin said. ``It's more of a game for the fans and I'm sure they would much rather see a 15-14 game instead of a 2-1 final.'' 

Though left wing Fredrik Modin won't get the opportunity to defend his hardest shot title, another Lightning player could join the festivities. 

For the first time the NHL will host a YoungStars game, which replaces the Legends game. The game is open to players still in their rookie contract and center Brad Richards, runner-up for rookie of the year last year, is considered a strong candidate for the teams to be announced today. The game will feature a 4-on-4 format with three 10-minute periods. 

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