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24 октября 2002 года. 
Khabibulin to keep starting -  St. Petersburg Times


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Goalie Kevin Hodson has had the best (or worst) seat in the house for the Lightning's first six games, at the end of the bench watching Nikolai Khabibulin protecting the net.

It's not likely to change soon.

Khabibulin, who in the past has had problems with dehydration, entered Wednesday's game against the Blue Jackets with, for him, average numbers: a 2.73 goals-against average and .885 save percentage.

"I wouldn't say he hasn't been sharp. He's made some big saves," coach John Tortorella said.

"We don't think he was that busy against the Rangers."

Against New York on Monday, he stopped 18 of 20 shots.

"He feels he's in pretty good shape, and he's ready to go. And he wants to keep playing," Tortorella said. "He's our No.1 guy. We always monitor how he feels and what's coming up on the schedule. We'll keep a close eye on that. But he feels good right now.

"And we're going to keep going with him. We know he's the biggest piece to the puzzle for this club."

Khabibulin Is Proven Goaltending Ironman

Published: Oct 24, 2002

COLUMBUS, Ohio - How many games can G Nikolai Khabibulin go without needing some rest?

If history is any indication, it may be a while before backup Kevin Hodson sees some game action. Khabibulin started his sixth consecutive game Wednesday at Columbus, though that is well off his career best for consecutive starts.

Khabibulin started 49 in a row in 1996-97. He started the final 42 games of that regular season and all seven games of a playoff series Phoenix lost to Anaheim. The next season, he started the first 18 games for Phoenix. He did not take a start off until Nov. 15, 1997, ending a string of 67 starts.

``I like to play a lot. I don't mind it,'' Khabibulin said before Wednesday's game. ``It's better than practice.''

Through the first five games, Khabibulin's numbers have been average by his standards: 2.73 GAA and .885 save percentage. With Tampa Bay averaging 4.8 goals per game heading into Wednesday, Khabibulin's play has been overshadowed by the offense. Though he has made some key saves, particularly during a 3-3 tie with Pittsburgh and Monday's win against the Rangers, the 29-year-old goaltender has not had to steal a game - yet.

``The more you practice, the better you get; the more you play, the sharper you get,'' Khabibulin said. ``It's been an adjustment since I'm seeing less shots right now, but I just have to stay focused on the game.''

The Lightning entered Wednesday allowing 24.4 shots per game, down by more than six shots per game from last season. Khabibulin said he maintains his focus by going out to handle the puck more often than he did last season and staying involved by trying to maintain his concentration when the puck is in the other end.

One area of concern is Khabibulin's occasional dehydration, which hit him a few times last season.

``He feels like he is in shape, and he wants to keep playing,'' Lightning coach John Tortorella said. ``We monitor [the dehydration problems], and [team trainer] Tom [Mulligan] checks on that every day. But we know he is the biggest piece to this whole thing.'' 

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