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30 января 2002 года.
Timing is right: Khavanov reunited with girlfriend // Post-Dispatch

By Tom Timmermann
Печатается с сокращениями

The biggest ovation in the Blues changing room after Wednesday's game came not for the awarding of the team's hard hat to Bryce Salvador, who slugged it out with Washington's Chris Simon twice, but for the arrival of a young woman.

Shortly after the game, for the first time since he returned to the United States in August, Blues defenseman Alexander Khavanov got to see his girlfriend, Jenya Arjnikova.

Khavanov's teammates went wild as the two embraced in the middle of the crowded room, squealing with almost childish glee at the sight of the young couple holding each other tight amid piles of equipment bags and dirty uniforms. Then, since these are hockey players, the tone quickly turned to ribbing, so Khavanov and Arjnikova quickly fled to the hallway for some privacy.

Arjnikova learned late last week that she had been granted a visa to come to America. Her earlier request had been denied, delaying her trip to America by a month. Once she got her visa, Khavanov quickly arranged for a flight which, as it happened, would bring Arjnikova into the United States at Dulles Airport outside of Washington at the same time the Blues were in the nation's capital.

Her flight arrived on schedule at 4:40 p.m., where she was met by friends of Khavanov. She got through customs and made the drive into Washington, arriving at MCI Center shortly before the game began. Khavanov played the game knowing Arjnikova was there, but not being able to see her until after the game.

Arjnikova had never seen Khavanov play before ("She's not a hockey person,'' Khavanov said), but the first thing on her mind was sleep. She didn't sleep on the plane and had been up for 24 hours before the reunion. She was somewhat in a daze as she stood in a hallway beneath MCI Center, arm in arm with Khavanov.

"I'm very excited,'' she said. Now that she was here, what did she want to do? "Go home and sleep.''

Was Khavanov thrilled to see her? "Pretty much,'' he said.

The Blues flew home immediately after the game, but Khavanov and Arjnikova planned to stay over in D.C. for a few days before returning to St. Louis on Saturday. The All-Star break is perfect for the two: The Blues don't practice again until Monday, giving them four full days to be together before the Blues head out on the road again on Monday.

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