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10 ноября 1999 года.
Khristich returns to Boston 

Dmitri Khristich and the Toronto Maple Leafs are in a slump, and the Ukrainian forward can think of no better place to end it than in Boston. Khristich, after scoring 29 goals for the Bruins in each of the last two seasons, had the welcome mat pulled out from under his skates by GM Harry Sinden after an arbitrator awarded him a $2.8-million US salary. Sinden balked.Khristich walked.  

The free agent was an instant success after signing with the Leafs, getting three goals right off the bat. But he hasn't scored in five, and Toronto is in a three-game winless slide. "I've got nothing to prove," Khristich said after practice Wednesday when asked about his return to the FleetCenter tonight. "I'm just going to try to play well and help get two points for my team."  

He doesn't expect to be booed. "They could cheer for me because I don't think they would agree with Harry," Khristich said. "He's not their favourite." He's still bitter. "Just for management," he said. "I've got nothing against the guys on the team." Leafs GM-coach Pat Quinn won't single Khristich out for his club's downturn. "He's been fine," said Quinn. "I see our whole team off a little bit. "It has been off for a bit of time. That (6-0 win) in Carolina (last Wednesday) probably came at the worst time for us because we were sliding.  

"You could sense it. I don't know whether it was kind of because we were getting full of ourselves or just what. All of a sudden we have a game like that. We felt like we were the Globetrotters. Yet, as a coach, you see your team slide. "With Dmitri, it's been like our team. I don't feel he's at his level of play. But he's not bad. He's like a lot of our guys. They're there, not making a significant difference, and you don't have to if your team wins at the end of the night." Toronto won 10 of 14 before levelling off. The power-play has slumped to a 16.7 success rate -- 17th in the league.  

"It ties in with our whole offensive game recently," Quinn said. "Our power-play looks exactly like it did last year. "We're a bunch of individuals that hold the puck too long and basically keep turning down options to move it until it's too late. And then we turn it over. The worst part about that, when one man holds the puck too long you get the other four guys standing still waiting on him. So, we have a very immobile power-play right now that's certainly not developing any (scoring) chances at all.  

"It kind of confounds your thinking about the kind of team we have. You would think that with more room we'd be a bit better, but for some reason we're not. We become a very standstill team, so our quickness means nothing." Quinn had a look at Sundin as a point man during practice. If his team plays as poorly against the Bruins as it did during a 2-0 home loss to Anaheim on Tuesday, "They'll eat us up," Quinn said. 

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