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19 марта 2001 года.
Healing continues for Konstantinov // Detroit Free Press


SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The Red Wings were scheduled to return home from their weekend jaunt out West early this morning, around the same time an old teammate would just be waking up to get ready for his weekday routine.

Vladimir Konstantinov turns 34 today, a day he will celebrate with his
friends in the rehabilitation center where he undergoes occupational and recreational therapy. His wife, Irina, and daughter, Anastasia, have a small party planned for the weekend, when he returns home.

"He knows it is his birthday," Irina Konstantinov said Sunday. "He
remembers that."

It is the fourth one Konstantinov has celebrated since suffering a severe head injury June 13, 1997, six days after he helped the Wings win their first Stanley Cup in 42 years.

Over the past year, Konstantinov has shown minor improvements in his speech, and has benefited from the routine established at the center. Every day offers a different activity, a schedule to help residents engage their limited skills.

"It's very important for him, for people with brain injuries, to have things to do," Irina Konstantinov said. "Sometimes they go to the library and look for books, or go to high school games.... Things that for us are very simple are high level for him, but it makes him feel better that he can do those things. Most importantly, he doesn't realize how bad it is for him. He seems to be happy with the things he does.

"He is doing OK. There have been some little improvements, like his
speech, but it is easier for us because we know how his thoughts work. His writing skills are still pretty poor. But his smile is good enough; I don't need love letters from him."

Konstantinov's life isn't all work, naturally. He has attended several Wings games this season, after which he stops by the dressing room for a quick visit. On weekends, Irina Konstantinov tries to have activities planned.

"He loves having his friends come over and having barbecues," she said. "We've taken him out on the boat a few times for little rides -- he's happy and I'm the nervous one."

The last big birthday bash Irina Konstantinov threw for her husband was in 1997, when he turned 30. About 60 people gathered at their house, and hiding all the cars required a good deal of ingenuity. Wings forward Slava Kozlov was the last to show, and ended up parking in the neighbor's driveway.

"It was so funny," Irina Konstantinov said. "Vladdie came through the door, and right as he was saying to me, 'That car looks just like Slava's -- why is he over at the neighbor's?' everybody jumped out and yelled, 'Surprise.' It was great. He was so happy."

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