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14 мая 2006 года. 
Wings in limo accident have moved on // Detroit Free Press


Almost nine years after the limo accident that ended his NHL career, former Red Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov is enjoying hockey from a different perspective.

Konstantinov attended about one-third of the team’s games this season, watching from owner Mike Ilitch’s personal suite at Joe Louis Arena. Konstantinov had to use a wheelchair immediately following the June 13, 1997, accident, but now uses a walker.

Konstantinov, who turned 39 on March 19, lay in a coma after the accident, suffering from severe head and body injuries. He is now able to talk, and when people stop to say hello to him, reaches out to shake hands.

While Konstantinov still resides in the Detroit area, his fellow former teammate, Slava Fetisov, is back in Russia. Fetisov, 48, who suffered relatively minor injuries in the accident, is serving as the Minister of Sport for President Vladimir Putin.

Team masseur Sergei Mnatsakanov, who like Konstantinov suffered a life-threatening head injury, resides in the Detroit area with his family and also sometimes goes to Wings games at Joe Louis Arena.

Страничка Владимира Константинова на сайте "Звёзды с Востока"


14 сентября. Хоккеисты "Рэд Уинз" в шестой раз провели благотворительный гольфный турнир в пользу Владимира Константинова и Сергея Мнатцаканова. 

Июнь 2003. Days are busy, fulfilling for Mnatsakonov

19 марта. Healing continues for Konstantinov // Detroit Free Press

10 января. Konstantinov gets ovation 

12 ноября. 16-й номер остался у Константинова

9 сентября. "Рэд Уинз" собрали около $50.000 для семей Владимира Константинова и Сергея Мнатцаканова

Один день из жизни Константинова

30 января. Konstantinov emerges to meet Clinton


вывоз тко, вывоз кгм, вывоз тбо
"ЗВЁЗДЫ С ВОСТОКА" @ c 1997 года