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20 января 1998 года.
Konstantinov walking, laughing

 DETROIT (AP) -- Detroit Red Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov, recovering from serious head injuries sustained in a limousine wreck seven months ago, is making impressive progress.
 "I thought he was doing very well," said coach Scotty Bowman, who visited Konstantinov on Thursday at a rehabilitation center in Florida. "He ate well, and he fed himself. He was laughing a lot."
 Red Wings trainer John Wharton, forward Doug Brown, and associate coach Dave Lewis visited Konstantinov the following day.
 "He was extremely excited to see his teammates, and obviously the feeling was mutual," Wharton said. "It was so emotional for us, especially since (doctors) didn't think he'd get to this point.
 "We were told he never walked more than 25 to 30 steps, but he walked 75 feet with us. ... And he kept smiling and looking back while he was doing it to make sure we were all watching. He was so proud."
 Konstantinov was injured June 13, less than a week after helping the Red Wings win their first Stanley Cup since 1955. He has been undergoing rehabilitation in Florida since Nov. 15.
 "He's at his playing weight, 195 pounds," said Wharton, who last saw Konstantinov six weeks earlier. "He's working at rehab six hours a day in occupational, physical and speech therapy.
 "His speech hasn't improved much, and that's the toughest part. He does understand questions and answers with mostly one- or two-word phrases, but sometimes it gets a little jumbled. If you tell him to slow down and enunciate, he will."
 The Red Wings are looking into whether Konstantinov has made enough progress to travel with them Jan. 30 for a White House ceremony marking their Stanley Cup championship, Wharton said.

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