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10 января 2000 года.
Konstantinov gets ovation

Vladimir Konstantinov rose out of his wheelchair near the Detroit bench and smiled broadly to a standing ovation at the Red Wings' skill competition Sunday. 

"It's the best I've seen him," defenceman Larry Murphy told the Detroit Free Press. "He looked really strong, vibrant. It was nice."

Konstantinov hasn't looked better since the summer of 1997, when he celebrated a Stanley Cup and then days later suffered severe brain damage in a limousine accident. His progress hit a plateau during the summer. But then his wife, Irina, sent him to be treated in Ann Arbor, Mich., where he lives five days a week and rehabilitates five to six hours a day.

"He's still improving, even if you don't see it or hear about it much anymore," trainer John Wharton said. "The thing that really stands out is that he can walk now all by himself, as long as he can hold on to something. "That's a big improvement over the last time we've seen him."

Hockey seems to boost Konstantinov's mood and motivation. He will attend the all-star game in Toronto next month, and his doctors said he responded well after skating a few supported strides earlier this season. 

"If that's true," Wharton said, "we want to get him on the ice more." 

25 ноября 1999 года.
Konstantinov withdraws from parade after threats 

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) -- Former Detroit Red Wings star Vladimir Konstantinov has withdrawn as grand marshal of the Mount Clemens Santa Parade, following alleged threats. Mario Fundaro, 54, of Roseville was charged Wednesday with stalking and was held in the Macomb County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond. He is accused of threatening to shoot anybody who tried to stop him from blocking the parade Friday if Konstantinov was in it. 

Clinton Township police Capt. Gary Franey said Fundaro wrote a letter to the committee arranging the parade, objecting to Konstantinov's role as its marshal. "He made references to Vladimir being a communist and being in the Red Army," Franey said. The parade coordinator received two threatening voice mail messages, the captain said. 

"The messages stated that if Vladimir were in the parade, he would stand in front of the car and if they try to move him he would shoot at anybody," Franey told the Detroit Free Press. Former Tigers pitcher Dave Rozema, a member of the Tigers 1984 World Series championship team, will take Konstantinov's place. Konstantinov and team masseur Sergei Mnatsakanov suffered disabling head injuries in a 1997 limousine accident. A second player was less seriously hurt. 

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10 января. Konstantinov gets ovation 

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