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14 января 2008 года. 
The Brothers Kostitsyn // Bleacher Report

by Matt Eichel (Member) 0 comments Filed Under: NHL, NHL Atlantic, NHL Northeast, NHL Central, Montreal Canadiens, Alexei Kovalev, Patrick Kane

Naming brothers who have played with each other during their NHL careers is something that NHL trivia buffs seem to get a kick out of.  However, they might get more of a kick out of the fact that the Montreal Canadiens have yet another brother trio playing in the bleu, blanc, et rogue these days.  Never since the Richard brothers has there been a brother duo that has had so much promise in Montreal.  

After playing small bits during the last two seasons, Andrei Kostitsyn has come into his own alongside Tomas Plekanec and Alex Kovalev.  Selected 10th overall in 2003, his 11 goals through his first 40 games this season makes Andrei a dangerous threat and possibly a bonafide 20 goal scorer this season and for many seasons to come.  Being on the opposite wing to veteran Kovalev has helped Andrei to learn the game under the watch of the great Russian mentor.  Playing time in Hamilton has helped Andrei's progress along, playing over at least 50 games each season since 2004-2005.

Picked many rounds later, in the seventh round of the 2005 Entry Draft, the younger Kostitsyn made his presence known to the hockey world when scoring 131 points with the OHL's London Knights alongside current Edmonton Oiler rookie Sam Gagner and Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane.  Sergei's  22 points in his first 22 AHL games with the Hamilton Bulldogs made the point that the younger Kostitsyn has what it takes to play in the pro leagues.  Despite not making the starting day lineup, as did his London Knight linemates, Sergei has come alive this season since playing his first NHL game December 13th against the Philadelphia Flyers.  With a 4 game point streak to boot from December 20th to the 27th, Sergei has a bright future in Montreal.  In fact, both Kostitsyn brothers will be making the buzz just a little bit louder in Montreal.


Страничка Андрея Костицына на сайте "Звёзды с Востока"


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