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Thursday, March 19, 1998
Sather fed up with Kovalenko

 EDMONTON (CP) -- Glen Sather has had it with Andrei Kovalenko.
 The Edmonton Oilers general manager, fed up with Kovalenko's unwillingness to break a sweat during games, has started trying to unload the seemingly unmotivated forward.
 "I'll have to shot him around," Sather told the Edmonton Sun. "I made some calls (Wednesday).
 "If he can't get going and (coach Ron Low) can't get him going we'll have to trade him."
 One problem could be Kovalenko's $1.1-million US salary. That's a lot for a player who has just five goals and 21 points in 56 games.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998
Oilers hope Kovalenko catches fire

By DAN BARNES -- Edmonton Sun
  There was a silver medal around his neck in Nagano.
 Will there be a silver lining to his stormy season in Edmonton?
 Oiler winger Andrei Kovalenko can only hope, and work, for that kind of finish to the worst campaign of his six-year NHL career. 
 In 49 games he has five goals, just one more than he managed in six games for the Russian Olympic team.
 "I find my goals again. I hope I didn't leave them there," said Kovalenko, who will be under pressure to keep his hot hand here. 
 Coach Ron Low has promised he won't be patient with anybody during the 25-game fight to the finish.
 As if to hammer that point home, winger Scott Fraser was recalled from Hamilton, where he's a 30-goal scorer already. 
 He's no fourth-liner, but that's where he skated yesterday, alongside Rem Murray and Valeri Zelepukin. If Kovalenko falters on the second line, Fraser will be promoted faster than you can say Juan Antonio Samaranch.
 Kovalenko said his confidence was boosted by his performance in Nagano and he thanked his coach Vladimir Yurzin for that.
 "In the Olympics, coach say forget about everything that has happened and play how you can. Just relax."
 He did that all right, and he played well on a line with Alexei Yashin and Sergei Fedorov. 
 The relief he felt when the goals came was mirrored in his wife's reaction.
 "My wife cry when I score against Finland. Everybody called me to tell me that." 

Wednesday, January 7, 1998
New life for Kovalenko?

By DAN BARNES -- Edmonton Sun
  Bryan Marchment used to sit beside him. Jason Arnott was two stalls over.
 As the vacancy signs kept going up in his little section of the Oilers dressing room, Andrei Kovalenko would not have been shocked to hear he was gone too.
 "A trade would not be a big surprise to me. It is my bad, bad year. But I would like to stay here. I like the guys, I like the city, I like the fans. It would not be big surprise but I would not be happy.
 "I had a meeting with (GM Glen Sather) one month ago. He said if I don't play better, he'll try to trade me."
 Kovalenko didn't exactly light it up after their chat but he's still here, testament to how difficult it is to unload a $1.1-million US contract that comes with just three goals.
 It appears the Oilers have no choice but to keep hoping he'll snap out of his funk. He looked good last game and was positively flying in practice yesterday.
 "Did we get a new Kovalenko in the trade too?" asked one of his teammates.
 It looked like it as he sped around the ice on a line with Valeri Zelepukin and Rem Murray.
 "You can see last game I play good. I skate, I finish checks. My game was good but I'm not happy because we didn't win. I had a chance to score and I didn't. Maybe if I score, my team win. I need that. I need to score and help my team win.
 "Forty games left; it's not too late." 

Sunday, October 19, 1997
Kovalenko caught in a slump

By DAN BARNES -- Edmonton Sun
  MARINA DEL REY - Andrei Kovalenko is confused. Make that confounded. Perplexed even.
 Throw in frustrated, upset, exasperated, impatient, anxious and uptight.
 He doesn't have a goal. And tomorrow evening he probably won't have a spot in the Oiler lineup. So what's a guy to do?
 "Bike," he said. "Forty-five minute bike, 150 heart rate."
 He's trying to smile his way through a slump that has crippled the Oiler offensive attack. He doesn't have a goal in seven games. 
 In a 2-1 loss to Anaheim, he didn't even get a chance to score on Guy Hebert.
 "It's never happened like this before in my six years in the league. I have never gone seven games or eight games without a goal. I don't know what to do."
 According to coach Ron Low he could try skating. 
 Low doesn't feel Kovalenko is moving his feet. He's unhappy with his play. And he will probably make him sit against the Kings.
 Kovalenko will accept the coaches' decision but he'd much rather play his way out of this slump.
 "I feel I can score. I need just one goal to get started. The home games I think I play good. I skate, I finish checks, I keep the puck on the boards but I not score.
 "I'm pissed off after the game because of that and I think about that."

Tuesday, November 25, 1997
Soviet in Oilers' lineup punchless

By DAN BARNES -- Edmonton Sun
  On his current pace, Andrei Kovalenko will score, let's see, NO GOALS.
 Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. None.
 He's 0-for-21 games but continues to occupy a spot in the Oilers' lineup. Coach Ron Low has displayed incredible patience with Kovalenko, even during a stretch when it appeared his alleged first-line right winger was either too out of shape to play well or didn't want to work hard enough.
 On most nights now, Low thinks Kovalenko is giving it A for effort.
 "I think he's trying his ass off.
 "I don't know what to do. We need him scoring. We don't need him sitting in the stands. I understand that."
 So Low does what he can. He watches Kovalenko play hard in St. Louis and goes with him all night. In Ottawa two nights later, it's a different story.
 "I'm baffled. I thought in St. Louis he played a pretty good hockey game. He came out in Ottawa, started with (Doug Weight) and (Todd Marchant) and wasn't the same. So you go half a game and shorten your bench and he wasn't one of the guys you shorten it to."
 Based on yesterday's practice, Kovalenko is due for a press box seat tonight against Chicago, but that may change.

Thursday, November 27, 1997
The man's a mystery

By DAN BARNES -- Edmonton Sun
  The Oilers are going to great lengths to unravel the mystery of Andrei Kovalenko's ridiculous 21-game goal drought.
 Two days ago they had him take a blood test as part of a medical and fitness exam.
 "Just to make sure everything is OK," said Kovalenko.
 A team source said the struggling winger's fitness test was anything but OK and he has been placed under the temporary care of assistant coach Ted Green, whose duty it is to whip Kovalenko into game shape in the next week. 
 It's unlikely he'll play against either Anaheim tomorrow or San Jose on Sunday, meaning his next action will probably come on Tuesday against one of his former teams, the Colorado Avalanche.
 It's clear the Oilers are doing everything they can to snap Kovalenko to attention. And in his defence, Kovalenko has remained a positive influence in the dressing room through his frustrating slump. 
 He's actually been more outgoing and pleasant with media than he was as a goal scorer.
 So, it is in that lighthearted vein - and as a public service to the team really - that The Edmonton Sun presents the Top 10 Reasons Why Andrei Kovalenko Doesn't Have A Goal:
 10. Blood test revealed a dangerous sour cream level of .18.
 9. Found out only two NHLers retired with 117 career goals - his current total - and both were boyhood idols: Glen Sharpley and Daniel Marois.
 8. Still not fully satisfied after switching from Marlboro to Marlboro Lights.
 7. Has heard ``it doesn't matter how you play in the regular season, it's how you play in the playoffs that counts'' once too often.
 6. His stick is heavier than the silver one the Oilers gave radio legend Rod Phillips.
 5. Always bets the ``under'' on his sports lotto ticket.
 4. Secretly wants to play for Toronto and figures it's the best way to fit in on the Leafs.
 3. Found out Glen Sather made it into the Hockey Hall of Fame with just 80 goals.
 2. Vowed not to score until David Letterman stops making fun of Boris Yeltsin's vodka intake.
 And the No. 1 reason why Andrei Kovalenko doesn't have a goal:
 Unsettling flashbacks to hefty speeding tickets when told "it would be fine" if he scored soon. 

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