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30 декабря 2000 года. 
Scoring woes for Kovalenko // Boston Globe

By Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Globe Staff

UNRISE, Fla. - It has been an up-and-down season for Andrei Kovalenko. When he signed with Boston last summer, he arrived with the reputation as a streaky scorer. So far, that has turned out to be true. 
He started like gangbusters, with three goals in the first four games. Then came a drought of eight games. Kovalenko snapped out of it with goals in back-to-back games against Chicago and Atlanta, but went the next eight games without a point. His next streak was four goals in three games, from Nov. 26-Dec. 1. 
Kovalenko has one goal in his last 12 games after the Bruins' 3-0 loss last night to the Florida Panthers. He has 10 goals and six assists in 37 games and is sixth in scoring on the Bruins. 
When asked to evaluate Kovalenko's performance, coach Mike Keenan was pressed for an analysis. ''Some players are like that,'' he said. ''I don't know how to explain it. The year we won the Stanley Cup [with the Rangers], Mark Messier went quite a few games without scoring a goal, but it wasn't something we were preoccupied with because other people were scoring. 
''It's almost like a cycle. Your team will have that aspect. ... The upside is he's a goal scorer. ... Some games they get better opportunities.'' 
Part of the reason for the inconsistency could be his center - Joe Thornton - who has had fits and starts of his own. When Thornton is going, linemates Kovalenko and Brian Rolston benefit. Rolston has been even more streaky than Kovalenko, with two goals in his last 22 games. 
''He's an improved player,'' said Keenan of Kovalenko. ''I think that's what you see on the team, a gradual improvement, some more drastic than others, but you're seeing a gradual improvement in everyone's ability and everyone's play. ... I can't really see that anyone has not improved and that's a good sign.'' 
One statistic that hasn't been improving is Kovalenko's league-worst minus-20 rating, going into last night. Thornton, Rolston, and Kovalenko have combined for 27 goals, 16 on the man-advantage. However, Keenan said he wasn't too concerned. ''I think it's a good stat overall for your team,'' said Keenan. ''It's a reflection of whether your team, in a general sense, is doing well or not. It doesn't necessarily reflect an individual's ability or inability.'' 

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