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2 апреля 2001 года.
Wings need Kozlov to repeat postseason success // The Detroit News 

By Ted Kulfan / The Detroit News 

DETROIT -- The Wings' success in the playoffs might hinge in no small measure on a player who has had a less-than-successful regular season. 
Vyacheslav Kozlov. 

If Kozlov can match previous playoff performances -- when the Wings were winning Stanley Cups -- the team should be in the hunt for the title again. 

"He's one of the guys we have who has done it (had playoff success) before," General Manager Ken Holland said. "Guys who have scored big goals, provided offense in the playoffs." 

In the last seven years, Kozlov has scored 38 playoff goals (in 104 games). A staggering 12 of those 38 goals were game-winners. It's as if Kozlov thrives when the games become so much more vital. 

"I don't really have any explanation," Kozlov said. "Everyone loves to play in the playoffs. It's exciting." 

A strong playoff run by Kozlov would erase some of the disappointment he has endured this season. Kozlov has 18 goals and 18 assists in 69 games. His 36 points rank eighth on the team. 

He's been a healthy scratch at times, fought through a horrendous 23-game goal-scoring drought, and has struggled to find his timing after a training camp contract impasse. 

But lately, while playing on a line with Igor Larionov and Yuri Butsayev, there are signs that Kozlov is coming around, finding his touch. Reunited with his friend Larionov, goal-scoring opportunities have become plentiful. 

"I just want to get my game going in time for the playoffs," Kozlov said. "I feel pretty good right now. I'm getting chances. I just have to put them in the net." 

Kozlov was one of many Wings who didn't have an outstanding playoffs last spring (two goals in eight games). He was even a healthy scratch in one game against the Kings in the first round. 

The Wings can't afford another Kozlov slump in the playoffs. He's too important to the offensive makeup of the team. 

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