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13 сентября 2001 года.
Kozlov hopes to help Sabres pursue Cup

By Tim Graham 

The Sabres eventually shipped Hasek to Detroit for forward Slava Kozlov, the Wings' 2002 No. 1 draft pick and future considerations, based on how long and how well Hasek plays. 

So, based on the fact Hasek is still playing, one would assume he doesn't think much of Kozlov. 

Kozlov, at the Amherst Pepsi Center Wednesday and skating for the first time with the Sabres on the opening day of training camp, was asked if he was insulted by Hasek's handling of the trade. 

The bitterness was evident. 

"No comment," Kozlov shot back. "It's going to be very difficult to win the Stanley Cup with Hasek and all those good players because there's only one puck on the ice. They got lots of guys who can score. I don't know how they're going to split the puck. They signed the big-name players (such as Brett Hull and Luc Robitaille), but I don't know. 

"They're experienced, a very experienced team. But that (Western) conference has a lot of good teams. It's very difficult for Detroit." 

Kozlov spent his first 10 NHL seasons with the Wings, winning two Stanley Cups. Some of his first words after the trade indicated he wasn't entirely pleased about coming to Buffalo, telling the Detroit Free Press he would play out his contract this season, sign a qualifying offer for one more and then become an unrestricted free agent the following year. 

On Wednesday, though, he called the Sabres "the No. 1 organization in the NHL." 

"It's a new team, a new organization," Kozlov said. "I'm going to play the last year of my contract and then decide what I'm going to do. I can't make a decision right now. So far, I'm happy here, and I look forward to playing here. 

"I'm very excited to play for Buffalo. I'm ready to change something. I think Buffalo needs some new blood, and I need a new team. . . . I'm looking forward to playing with those guys. They're very skilled guys." 

The 29-year-old Russian recorded 20 goals and 18 assists in 72 games last season for Detroit. He had only 18 goals and 18 assists the season before that, but he claimed a lack of playing time has reduced his numbers. 

The Sabres hope that's true because he could play a lot more here. 

"He believes he can come here and help us offensively," Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said. "He thinks with key, critical ice time that he thought he wasn't getting in Detroit that he can produce. If we can get anywhere between 20 and 30 goals from him it should really help our hockey club." 

Kozlov's career season was 1995-96, when he tallied 36 goals (including nine on the power play and seven winners) and 37 assists in 82 games. In his first full NHL season he had 34 goals and 39 assists in 77 games. 

But where he has glittered most is in the playoffs. In 114 career postseason games he has 42 goals and 37 assists. The Los Angeles Kings shocked the Wings in the first round of last year's playoffs. But Kozlov had four goals and an assist in six games. 

"He's a really sneaky guy, really great technique, good feet, great hands, great vision," said Sabres defenseman Alexei Zhitnik, who has known Kozlov since they were 9 years old in the Soviet Union. 

"So many good players in Detroit, probably he didn't get enough ice time. It's hard to skate a hundred miles back and forth and never get the puck. But for what (time) he gets, he has scored." 

Although Kozlov hasn't approached the Sabres' coaching staff about it yet, he is eager to skate on the power-play and penalty-kill units, something hasn't done as much he wants to. 

"I think I'll have the opportunity to play a lot here and score goals and get some points," Kozlov said. Getting that chance "is very important to me, and I didn't have that in Detroit." 

But back to the trade for a moment. Buffalo visits Joe Louis Arena on Oct. 12, and then Detroit comes to HSBC Arena on March 10. 

Is Kozlov looking forward to facing Hasek? 

"No comment," Kozlov said, and he bolted off to the dressing room. 

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