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10 марта 2002 года. 
Kozlov remains out

The other half of the Dominik Hasek trade is done for the regular season. 

Left wing Slava Kozlov, acquired along with future considerations by the Buffalo Sabres from the Detroit Red Wings for Hasek last summer, is recovering from his partially severed Achilles tendon and will not be able to skate for another month. 

The Sabres' season will end in five weeks unless they can climb into the playoffs. They play Kozlov's old team today in HSBC Arena. 

"We were hoping that maybe it would be one of those cases where he would get back sooner than later," Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said Saturday. "But it's still something that's very serious, and he's got to be sure at every point along this therapy that, No. 1, Slava is healed and we're not putting him in jeopardy." 

Kozlov recently was cleared to walk without crutches, but his left foot remains in a protective boot. 

The freak injury occurred Dec. 29, when Columbus Blue Jackets center Tyler Wright accidentally kicked Kozlov in the back of the leg. Wright's skate sliced Kozlov's left Achilles two-thirds through. 

Kozlov was expected to spark the Sabres' offense this season, particularly on the power play. He got off to a slow start, and Ruff benched him Nov. 27. 

But in the 13 games between then and his injury, Kozlov arguably was Buffalo's best forward, accumulating four goals and 12 assists. He will finish the season with nine goals and 13 assists. 

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When Igor Larionov speaks, Slava Kozlov listens.


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