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20 апреля 2000 года.
It's money time for Kozlov 

Kozlov, 28 in two weeks, becomes a restricted free agent this summer. He makes $2.1 million this season, and it's a rare player who doesn't ask for more money. 

"I'm in bad situation right now with negotiating a new deal," Kozlov said. "If we win Stanley Cup, it will be different situation, but right now, it's bad position. I don't know what's going to happen. 

"With 18 goals, I can't be happy. It was tough year for me but you can't play same way every year -- you have bad years, good years. Most important thing is playoffs." 

Kozlov got off to a great start in the series with Los Angeles, scoring the key first goal in the 2-1 victory in Game 1, and making a fine play to set up Brendan Shanahan's goal that began Game 2. 

Such high production is in stark contrast to his regular season, when Kozlov had 36 points in 72 games -- his lowest output since he joined the Wings full-time in 1993-94. His best season was 1995-96, when he had 36 goals among 73 points; ever since, his output hasn't approached that. 

Part of the reason is that he plays on a team that is stocked with scorers and power-play grinders such as Tomas Holmstrom and Martin Lapointe. 

"He doesn't get a ton of power-play time, and four-on-four is really split between six or seven forwards," captain Steve Yzerman said. "There's no question his numbers are down because he just doesn't get as much time as he would playing on another team where he'd be on the first power-play unit on every shift." 

Regardless of his regular-season numbers, Kozlov always has been a money playoff performer for the Wings. In the previous six seasons, he scored 36 goals, 11 of them game-winners. 

"You just have to play and not think, 'It's the playoffs,' " Kozlov said. "But sometimes I feel better in the playoffs than regular season. I play with more intensity." 

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When Igor Larionov speaks, Slava Kozlov listens.


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