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7 декабря 1997 года.
Sharks coach gives up on Kozlov

By DICK CHUBEY -- Edmonton Sun

Here's a mix that just didn't match ...

There clearly wasn't enough room in San Jose for both Russian floater Viktor Kozlov and Sharks coach Darryl Sutter.
 Sutter pulled no punches on why Kozlov was dealt to the Florida Panthers.

"I've got a little guy at home who's trying like hell to make pretty much of a normal life for himself,'' said Sutter of his son Christopher, who has Down's syndrome. 

"He has to work as hard as he can to make the smallest progress. It tears at your heart, but at the same time, you're so proud of him,
 "And then I see a big guy like Koz - healthy as a horse - out there on the ice dogging it. It just pisses me off. I'm sorry, I don't have any time for people like that.''

Sutter left his post as coach of the Chicago Blackhawks following the 1994-95 season in order to spend more time with Christopher and his family. He worked the farm in Viking. 

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