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30 августа 2005 года. 
Kozlov hoping to stay a Devil - New York Post


August 30, 2005 -- One of the Devils possibly endangered by the NHL's new salary cap doesn't want to be a victim.

Center Viktor Kozlov is working out informally with his teammates at South Mountain, getting a jump on getting in shape and displaying his intent to remain a Devil.

"It's a good team, a good organization, so why not play here? It'd be good to play here," said Kozlov, something of a surprise to have received a qualifying offer from GM Lou Lamoriello last month.

The Devils are believed to already be over the $39 million cap before adding in the $4.18 million that hepatitis-recovering Patrik Elias accepted.

It appears someone, or more than one, must go for very little. Kozlov, who accepted his $1.7 million qualifying offer, might be an unwilling candidate.

"I know it's going to be tough because of the guys who have played here for a while, guys who have won Stanley Cups," Kozlov said. "I figured that because of the salary cap, I'd take what they'd give me."

Kozlov is coming off a strong lockout season in Russia, and his 6-foot-5, 235-pound frame is an asset for this team that needs size up front. Still, his salary might weigh against him.

"If they trade me, they trade me," he said. "But I'd like to play here." 

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30 августа. Kozlov hoping to stay a Devil - New York Post

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