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13 января 2000 года.
Bure, Kozlov earn All-Star berths Tandem named to World team 

The Panthers got a deserved bonus when, in addition to prolific goal-scorer Pavel Bure, center Viktor Kozlov was added to the World team ``I'm happy about it,'' Kozlov said. ``It changes my plans. I was going to see friends in Colorado. Now I have to go to Toronto.''

With everybody eschewing defense and hitting, the All-Star Game would seem made for a player like Bure, whose response earlier this season when asked about four-on-four in overtime was ``Three-on-three would be better.''

``I've always thought All-Star games were a big show,'' Bure said. ``Fans can see the biggest hockey players in the world on the ice at the same time.''

In fact, six years ago, Bure had three breakaways in the All-Star Game. All three were stopped by Rangers goalie Mike Richter. 

Bure got a bonus, too, when his brother, Valeri of Calgary, also was among the players added. A strong December allowed Pavel to re-establish himself not only as perhaps the NHL's top goal-scorer but the as the NHL's top Bure.

Bet that there will be a line featuring both Bures during the game, perhaps centered by Kozlov. A chemistry has developed between Kozlov and Bure in the past month-and-a-half. 

``He's playing with one of the premier players in the game, who has 28 goals,'' Panthers coach Terry Murray said of Kozlov. ``You have to tie it in somewhere.

``Pavel forces him to play better. The way he's looking for the puck in the right place in the right time forces Kozlov to be there every night.''

Tuesday, Murray asked Kozlov if he thought he deserved to be on the All-Star team. Predictably, Kozlov answered in the negative.

``This is Viktor,'' Panthers general manager Bryan Murray said. ``That's maybe what held him back in earlier years. He's a humble guy, and confidence is a factor.''

Kozlov was chosen for last year's World All-Star team, but injured his shoulder the Thursday before the game. Any frustration he had felt about not going or elation at being selected was muted. Wednesday was different.

``Because the team is winning,'' Kozlov said. ``That's why everybody is happy.''

This is the third time two Panthers players have been selected. 

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